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prepackaged salad greens taste funny to me.

anyone else?  bagged spinach seems to be fine. 

but prepackaged anything else tastes odd...romaine, salad blends, etc.  i've tried many brands too, so i know it's not one particular brand.


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Re: prepackaged salad greens taste funny to me.

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    Not at all. I eat the hell out of those Earthbound Farms salads. I've also tred Dole and a couple of other brands, and they all tasted okay, but I prefer the Earthbound Farms ones.
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  • ITA, it just doesn't taste fresh.  I like buying a fresh head of lettuce at the farmers market and cutting it myself, so much fresher that way!
  • yesss. there's a slightly funky smell to them, and I can taste that smell when I eat them. Spinach is the exception.
  • I find the packaged lettuces are OK, but they go off a lot faster than simply using a normal head of lettuce.


    Our best solution to lettuce, at present, is to use the aerogarden to grow it.  They've got a "mesclun mix" set of seed packs that are pretty good.  When you want a salad, you simply grab a bowl/plate, walk over to the aerogarden, and pick whatever lettuce you want.  Or, if you're silly like me, you just grab an occassional piece of lettuce and chomp down.  :)

    The only problem comes if you eat a _lot_ of lettuce, because then the aerogarden can't keep up and grow enough...

  • They do taste a bit better if you wash them again.  I can tell if DH skips it, they have a weird chemical taste.   DH finally just bought a lettuce keeper and cuts up his own salad mix. 

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  • a) They smell funny to me and b) They don't really taste like anything.

    But my taste buds are off, since I grow my own 9 months out of the year. Have you tried Organic Girl salad blends? They come in a plastic container instead of a baggie. And they're expensive as fvck...

  • I agree; they taste like chemicals.  The organic ones are a bit better - Earthbound etc.  And the baby lettuces and spinach are far better than romaine. I think they must have to treat romaine more because the leaves are pre-torn? I don't know, just a theory.  But none of them are as quite good as "fresh."
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  • I don't like the taste of those little bags either.

    I've started buying whole romaines.  Sams has 5 in a bag, Kroger has 3 in a bag.

    I can chop one and it's good for 2 dinner salads.  For full meal salad, I eat a whole one myself.  and they do keep pretty well, even if we don't eat one every day.

    I buy a big container of spinach, too.  We eat it steamed, on a sandwich, or in a protein smoothie with fruit.

  • For the longest time I couldn't eat salads at home. I couldn't figure it out until one day I was talking to a friend who asked how I buy my salad greens. I told her the bag because it is a great portion size for the DH and me. She had the same problem until she switched to fresh.  My inlaws started growing their own and now I can't stop eating salads at home. 

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