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If you are/did run through your pregnancy..

When did you start to feel lots of pressure and is it ok to feel this pressure and continue the run? I am about 25 weeks and still going about 5 miles 6 days a week at a lot slower pace. I am starting to feel lots of pressure but not so much that I cant continue to run. I am just wondering if this is normal and if its ok to run through it. Thanks!
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Re: If you are/did run through your pregnancy..

  • Curious to the answer to this question too. 

    I have been running throughout my pregnancy, but yesterday had some pressure about 2 miles in for the 1st time ever. I did 1 more mile and stopped.  It wasn't painful, but definitely uncomfortable.

    Wondering if that was a fluke or something that is going to continue to happen. 

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  • I ran off and on until 30ish weeks.  I ran much less than normal and much less than you.  I think you just need to listen to your body.  If it doesn't feel right, then stop.  If it feels good - keep it up!!
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  • i ran until almost 30 weeks and I never had any pressure.  Are you wearing a support belt?  I wore this and loved it:

    I had twins so I was pretty careful with running...pressure would have made me stop and hit the pool.

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  • I stopped around 16 weeks. I just was uncomfortable. I know lots of people say it's fine and run no problem but I wasn't one of them. I also train based off of my heartrate for my regular training and good Lord I could not control my heartrate while running pg. I totally agree with the poster who said if it doesn't feel right stop. I started cycling a lot more and elliptical (did I mention I hate the elliptical), but I keep almost the same pace on the elliptical as I did running and can manage my heartrate.
  • I didn't feel any pressure. However, my doctor told me to stop running at about 24/25 weeks. I was bummed because I had just run an awesome 5k the day before.  I was about to power walk in race until the month before I delivered. 
  • I was running every single day of my previous pregnancy. I ran 6 miles the day before I delivered (at exactly 40 weeks). I ran a full marathon at 25 weeks with no problem. I never felt any pressure but I started wearing a belly belt when my belly got heavy around 30 weeks. I am also running daily with this pregnancy but obviously I am not very far along.
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  • I started feeling pressure around 20w when running & exercising, and also was having BH contractions. When they checked me out I was already effacing and dilating, so that was the end of exercising during p/g. I don't think I'm the norm though.
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