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Are B&N online prices way cheaper than in store?

So I bought the Sweet Valley book on Sunday (I thought it wasn't released until Tuesday but my local store had it on Sunday).  After tax it was like $23 which I thought was really high.  So I kept my receipt and I haven't read it yet.

So today I got a B&N coupon and I was online checking out what I would want to buy and they have the Sweet Valley book for $11! 

So is online just that much cheaper?  Or if I take the book back is the price in stores now $11? 


Re: Are B&N online prices way cheaper than in store?

  • Online prices are cheaper.  When I worked there we would tell people to order stuff from the site if they really wanted to save money. 

    The book won't be $11 in stores. 

  • I've always found that they're a lot cheaper online.  I never buy full price books in store, only discount/bargains.
  • WAY cheaper.  It kind of bums me out, because I adore going into the store and shopping in person, but the price is so different online that I feel guilty.

    I think hardcovers and sets and things tend to have a bigger price difference, whereas cheap paperbacks aren't quite as deeply discounted online.

    52 Books in 2014??


    My sweet babies:

  • Bummer.  I've never noticed this before.  I guess I don't buy that many new books.  I think I might order it online and take the other one back.  I can get a couple of more books for the same money, or a little more since I'll probably spend $25 to get the free shipping. 
  • Cheeper list price, but then you have to add in shipping. Sometimes it takes it up to the store price and sometimes its still cheaper.

    I'd say the book is probably still $23 in stores. 

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