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Tomato Seedlings Question..

I planted tomato seeds a little over a week ago - to my luck all eight of them sprouted and have survived so far.  They are in one of those planting trays that has a light plastic cover to keep the moisture in when they first start my question is - should I leave the cover on for a little while longer even though they are now touching the top of the cover (or almost touching it) in order to avoid them becoming too long and lanky, or should I take the cover off and let 'em go wild??  lol 

I guess my DH's grandma used to keep hers covered for a while so they would use their energy becoming more stable and stout so they end up growing, is that the right thing to do??  I don't want to end up suffocating them!  Embarrassed Thanks!


Re: Tomato Seedlings Question..

  • THey become tall and lanky because they're not getting enough sunlight.  Change their location or buy a plant bulb and put it 3-5 inches over them.

    And if they're touching the lid, it's time to let 'em out.

  • Another thing to do is let them have "wind" to become stronger and not grow as leggy.  I typically uncover mine, and will lightly brush the tops with my hand.

    Plus, I always worry about damping off, so I uncover my seedlings to try and prevent that.



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