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x-posted. Question about my flowers

Hi there!

Last week I planted my new flowers in my front yard. I planted some ranunculuses, hyacinthus, and  a geranium. 

The spot I chose was right along the our house. Our landlord has beauty bark on top of this silk cloth. Under the silk cloth is filler dirt- no top soil. I dug the holes; filled with potting soil and placed the flowers in the holes and watered with miracle grow.

My flowers seem to be dying :(. Did I do this incorrectly? I placed them in the spots according to part shade/sun. Is it the dirt in my front yard? I'm thinking of digging the flowers back up and placing them in a whiskey barrel.

Please let me know, I do not want them to die. Thank you!
[IMG] [/IMG]

Re: x-posted. Question about my flowers

  • By digging a hole and just putting potting soil in it you've essentially created a bathtub that doesn't drain well.  Your plants are probably drowning.

    Potting soil is for pots.  You need to get some compost or composted manure and work it deeply (at least 12 inches) into a large circle (at least 18 inched in diameter) where you want to put your plant.


  • Thank you! I did not do topsoil in for the ran. flowers because I heard they die in topsoil... sounds like I'm killing them anyways! :(
    [IMG] [/IMG]
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