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Help with a gift for a Dr's Office

I am wanting to do something nice for my son's surgeon.  I was wanting to know if you all had any ideas. I was thinking something along the lines of edible arrangements or maybe a cookie tray from Panera, but it all seems kind of cheesy.

If you worked like a dog in a Doctor's office what type of unexpected gift would make you smile?



Re: Help with a gift for a Dr's Office

  • I think food is good! Maybe something healthier than cookies, some sort of fruit arrangement? The edible arrangements use fruit right? Something like chocolate covered strawberries/bananas... mmm....

    I'm not sure how much you're wanting to spend or how many people are in their office, but if it's just a few, could you hire a massage therapist to go in and give 15 minutes chair massages?? I would LOVE that! I have no idea what that costs it just popped into my head.

  • I think food is always appreciated! We have vendors bring us food all the time. I think the edible arrangement sounds great. Also the pastry rings from Panera Bread are really great.
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  • Cookies, pastries, bagels....yum
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  • DH and I are both in professions where it's hard to leave your place of employment during the day (medicine and teaching) and we agree food is awesome for a doctor's office staff! I think they will appreciate anything you bring.

    As an aside, as long as I trust the person, homemade stuff means more to me and I enjoy it more. But only if I really know the student/parent (or for DH the patient) 

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  • I agree. As someone who has been in lots of offices over the last few years, food is always apprecitated.  Most times office staff is just grabbing what they can, when they can for lunch, snacks etc.  From my experience, patients bringing treats is actually a rare occurance, so I'm sure the sheer thought fact that you've thought of them will delight them to no end.  And as long as you're not creepy or gross, homemade things are always more special. ;)
  • What about a sandwich tray? It's healthier and a little more substantial than cookies. Otherwise I vote for an edible fruit arrangement. Those things look awesome!
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  • Nurses like food. It doesn't even usually matter what it is! We had several families bring brownies, and that's always awesome. Bagels are good, cookies too. Try and stay away from things that need refrigerated. Med office staff run all day. We like food that's yummy, transportable, and can be revisited frequently!

    Also, Tavia's idea is full of win. But depending on the size of the office, that could get expensive!

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    What do you mean that's the wrong side? Tastes great to me!

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