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almond butter - refrigerate after opening??

hi ladies!  i have been keeping my almond butter (maranatha) in the pantry.  but, this morning i noticed it said refrigerate after opening.  do you ladies do this?  i am thinking it will be ok in the pantry..but i'm just double checking!  thank you!

Re: almond butter - refrigerate after opening??

  • Yes. We keep ours in the fridge. The natural stuff (raw especially) has lots of oils that will go rancid faster if not kept in the fridge.
  • I've been keeping mine in the pantry as well and it seems to be holding up just fine. Guess maybe I should check to see if I should refridgerate mine, too!
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  • I never do...don't know if I should Huh? I kind of figured since I buy it off the shelf (from a fresh pressed container not a sealed one) it should be okay? Well ::shrug:: maybe Im just lucky? Who knows
  • I keep mine in refrig.  I don't eat it that often and don't want it to go bad.

    Because of the high oil content, it does get a little more solid in the refrig.

  • I keep mine in the fridge, but it's so that I won't have to stir it quite as often. I have left it in my pantry and it seems fine, just more liquid. The stuff doesn't seem to last long enough to go rancid in my house anyway Stick out tongue
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