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Do I tip Molly maids?

So f/u to my post the other time I wll use my neighbor's cleaning service but they weren't available and I was dying for a good deep spring cleaning. So they are here now. Do i tip them? I feel like I should because they work for a company and don't have their own business. It's pricey though so if that's not the norm I am ok with not tipping. It's $70 an hour and they are here for almost two so far.

Re: Do I tip Molly maids?

  • We did, the one time we used them, because they were super nice, and did an exceptional job. I thnk I tipped them each $10 or $20 - it wasn't much, because there were 3 of them, but I wanted to tip something. You're righ, the prices are crazy high. It's definitely not a requirement, but since they work for such little money, it's a good thing to do when you feel the service warrants it. JMO.
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