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Nail caps for cats?

Have you used these with success?  Pros/cons?  We are looking into this as an alternative to declawing.

Re: Nail caps for cats?

  • Thank you for looking for alternatives to declawing. It is a very painful procedure and can lead to behavioral issues,

    There are many girls who have used caps with success, and some have had more success with keeping kitty's nails trimmed.

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  • They are much easier to use than you might think. I like the softpaws brand rather than the off-brand I bought at Petsmart last time. I think the adhesive is better. I've had them last on a cat only  weeks or so but one cat would stay on for 2 months or more. Don't declaw your poor kitties, try the nail caps or simply keep their nails trimmed.
  • Please give them a try. If you weren't aware (many people aren't), declawing is actually amputating part of each of their little toes, not just removing/pulling out the nails. I never wanted to mess with nail caps, but I trim all of my cats nails weekly and they are trained not to scratch where they shouldn't. I'm not sure your reasons for wanting to declaw, but there are many things that can be done as alternatives... providing cat trees, nail caps, trimming, ssscat, sticky tape, and other behavioral modifications.
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  • I've used them for about 8 years. There was a bit of a learning curve at first - for me and the cats - but they would very well for us. 

    Few tips:

    - I trim the nails first, then do the caps later. First time, I did them in batches. Even a good cat may only sit still for so long.

    - Use treats. My treat loving cat now doesn't mind the nails (she hated the process at first) because she knows she gets goodies after. If she starts to squirm I say "treatsies!" to remind her and she gets patient again.

    - I still offer several scratching posts. They still want to do it with the nails on (instinct) so I'd rather they do it there for when a cap falls off! (They still scratch one piece of furniture as well, which is why I still use the covers).

    - Don't use too much glue, it will stick to the skin or fur.

    - Check them periodically. They generally fall off on their own but every now and then I have to trim one off.

    Ditto PPs - please do not declaw your poor kitty. I'm happy to help with any more Soft Paws questions!

    Oh, and I started buying them on ebay - so far so good on cheaper sets. 

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  • We use Soft Paws and have had a lot of success with them. Our kittens (8 & 9 mos) usually pop a few off each week. Whenever we see that one (or more) has come off, DH will clip the nail and replace the cap. It only takes him a few minutes and they tolerate it very well. They are used to it now and always get treats afterward. They do tend to chew on the new cap for a little while, but it's fine. They only mess with it for the first day. They'll also chew if one is about to pop off.

    I do agree that the Soft Paws are better quality than the off-brand ones. 

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