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Menu for Friday BBQ with friends?

Hello Ladies! I'm also going to post on the WC board, but...  DH & I just bought a 4-burner grill today (yay!). And, as it turns out, we're having another couple over for dinner on Friday. I was going to make some pasta dish, but since we'll have our grill... we want to use it! There will only be 4 of us so I am looking for suggestions for main dishes/sides. Any good recipes you ladies would like to share? Drink ideas? TIA! :)

Re: Menu for Friday BBQ with friends?

  • How good are you with the grill?  Are you up for a pork tenderloin or do you need something a little easier to tell doneness or something forgiving?

    My first thought was kielbasa.  It's not super fancy, but it's hard to mess up if you've never grilled before.  Skewers of shrimp are also easy.  Marinade and skewer and grill for a minute or so on each side.  It's easy to tell when they are done and take no time.

    Flank steak or a flat iron steak would also be really great.  Add a baked potato and grill some veggies. 

    For my grilled veg I'll take squash/zucchini/eggplant and cut in half lengthwise.  Toss in olive oil and sprinkle liberally with grill season then put it straight on the grill.  You can also do tomatoes and onions this way. 

  • My favorite things to grill are shrimp in a sweet sauce 

    http://www.epicurious.com/recipes/food/views/Grilled-Shrimp-with-Molasses-Guava-Glaze-353849  (marinate in the morning and let sit all day in the marinade).  

    This is very sweet so I add simple sides

    Grilled Zucchini (slice zucchini sideways into long planks and marinate in italian dressing for 1/2 hour).   Then grill from 3-5 minutes per side

    Arugula salad (arugula, tomatoes and cucumber in a vinagrette)

    Loaf of fresh bread...My favorite is sour dough.  

    Then for dessert

    Grilled pineapple  Melt 1 stick of butter add 1/2 cup of rum.  Slice pineapple into wedges removing core.  Do not peel.  Paint the pineapple with butter rum sauce and grill for 8 minutes per side.  Use the peel as a handle.  Repaint while cooking.   


  • :) I won't be the one grilling. I'm always afraid I'm going to burn myself. However, DH has been wanting a grill since before I can remember and he has lots of experience. :) So, he will be the one grilling. :)
  • Ohh!  If you're cosidering flank steak, I highly recommend making an easy chimichurri sauce.  I don't cook and even I can make it!  You'd really impress your hubby and guests!
  • This steak and blue cheese dish is super good. 


    Another option for dessert is grilled peaches.  We usually cut them in half, remove the pit, brush the non peel ends with butter, grill them, then drizzle them with honey and serve them with a little ice cream in the center. 

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