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Penalty for getting caught without car insurance in OH...?

Just wondering what the penalty is if you are caught driving without car insurance in Ohio? Does your license get suspended or can you get away with a fine?

Re: Penalty for getting caught without car insurance in OH...?

  • I believe a hefty fine. Is there a reason why you're asking? Even safe auto or the general is better than nothing. GL

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  • Yeah, that is a bit scary. Please, please get something if you are currently uninsured.
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  • Beyond what law enforcement can do, if you hit someone and cause damage to their property (car) or health, and have no isurance to cover the damages, you could find yourself in court with a lawsuit. Honestly, if someone without insurance hits me, I would take them to court to cover my costs. Actually, my insurance would too. Its a big headache and NOT work it

  • I got hit by someone who didn't have insurance in OH. Amazingly,nothing happened to them. (I believe the law says their license should get suspended and they could go to jail) He was already driving on a suspended license and didn't go to jail. I couldn't sue him because it would have been like trying to squeeze blood from a turnip. He already had a record a mile long, no income and (therefore) no insurance. If I would have filed with my insurance, I would have had to pay my deductible out of pocket and would only be reimbursed in the event my insurance company was able to get any money out of them.

    If you're asking because you don't have insurance- do everyone a favor and get it. Don't be a deadbeat like the guy who hit me.

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