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Hey Lady, I had a quick question for you!

 I remember you said you had your reception at The Sam Noble Museum a couple years ago. I'm getting married in November and I was wondering: how did you like it?

 We just booked it for our ceremony and reception. If you posted a vendor review somewhere, I'd be happy to search for it. I just wanted your thoughts. :) TIA!


Re: **Gingerfeathers**

  • Wow, hey Lynna! It's been a while! Congrats on the wedding! That's awesome! Smile

     Yes, we did have our reception at the Sam Noble Museum. I will be honest: During the planning, I hated it and at several points almost moved it elsewhere because the girl who handles rentals was impossible to get a hold of, and only after my mom called and talked to her boss did we start hearing back and getting answers we needed. I was also a little frustrated with the no real flowers policy, but that was do-able.

    However, the actual day was great. I would suggest doing what I did: About a month before your wedding, set up a meeting there with the girl who does the rentals and your caterer, along with anyone else super important (for me, I just had my caterer come). By meeting in person with both of them, I was able to get a LOT of questions answered, and we were all able to really get on the same page. It made everything day-of go really well, and we still get raves about what a unique place it was.

    If you PM me your email address, I can send you more information, photos, answer any other questions you have, etc.

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  • You rock! Thank you so much! They actually have a different person now and he's been awesome. Great idea about asking the caterer to come, that seems like that will help smooth out a lot of issues. I'll send you a PM.
  • *butts in*

    I had my reception at the Sam Noble Museum in summer 2009. Good choice! My coordinator was easy to work with, but she may have been a different person than Gingerfeathers had or you have now. 

    I thought it was a great place to have it, other than the acoustics being a bit difficult with the wide open areas. Our dj met with the coordinator in advance to scout out the museum, and it was still hard hearing the music clearly sometimes. I didn't mind the no-real-flowers policy. The rock and mineral centerpieces were so much more interesting than flower centerpieces, and I just used artificial flowers for the bouquets. If you haven't already, definitely look into renting out the main exhibit. My guests loved looking at it, especially while they were waiting for us to finish with pictures and get to the reception.


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  • Thanks, SunnyDaze! We had already decided to go with the rock centerpieces (FI got so excited and I just couldn't tell him no. haha) and I think they'll be really cool and interesting.

    Hmm. Thanks for the heads up about the acoustics. I'll definitely have to keep that in mind. We are working with a guy that just started in January and he has been great about getting back to me and answering all my questions satisfactorily. I'm pretty OCD, so this has been a huge relief.

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