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Is 96.7 temp bad?

My temp the past few days has been 101.

Does anybody know why it would go as low as 96.7 now? Is that bad?

Re: Is 96.7 temp bad?

  • I would think that 101 was bad, not 96.7.  96.7 might be a bit low, but it sort of depends on the conditions under which you took your temp.


    ETA: According to Dr. Wikipedia, "In adult men and women the normal range for oral temperature is 33.2?38.2 ?C (92?101 ?F)".

    We'll just not tell H about this little fact, m'kay?
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  • Gross that you've been at 101!  I'm sorry you've been sick :(.

    96.7 isn't anything to worry about.  Do you happen to know your base body temp?  I didn't know mine until I started charting when TTC, but I discovered that my basal body temp (BBT) is right around 96.3.  I would imagine that your body is just returning back to normal :).

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  • I take my temp everyday for TTC purposes and before I started on fertility drugs, my normal temp was around 96.something (the fertility meds made my natural temp higher).

    So no, 96.7 is not bad unless your temp has never, ever been that low. 

  • My normal pre-ovulation temps range from 96.3 - 97.1 so no, I don't think a 96.7 temp is anything to worry about and is perfectly normal.
  • My normal temperature is around that.  98.6 is very warm for me.
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