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Anyone go to the gym before work and get ready there?

Contemplating doing this because I'm not making it there after work.

How does that work? Do you bring your own towels? I feel like it's a lot of stuff to drag to the gym...

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Re: Anyone go to the gym before work and get ready there?

  • I haven't been in a while since I've been sick, but I usually do.  I generally go to the gym a few times a week because I run outside the other days.

    Both my gym and my pool provide towels, so I don't have to worry about that.  It is still a lot of stuff to bring.  I have to bring clothes to change into, plus shampoo, conditioner, body wash, lotion, makeup, and hair straightener (if I don't want to wear my hair curly).  Add that to my work bag, my purse, and my lunch bag, and yeah, it's a PITA, especially with public transportation.  But it would be as big of a PITA if I went after work; I'd still have to bring all my stuff because my gym is between work and home


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  • Well, these days I just run in the morning from my home (or in the garage on the treadmill if weather is bad), so no gym, however, I used to go to the gym all the time in the mornings to work out or use the pool to swim laps.

    Depending on where I was working, I would either bring along work clothes to change into (such as if I needed to wear a suit) or I would wear work clothes to gym and change into them again after (this worked if the dress was more business casual or casual). One of my offices had room to keep a stash of suits there, so I just would get dressed at work (though I showered at the gym). I always had to bring my own towel. I'd usually just stash a couple in my locker and only take one home after it had dried out the next day so I was not lugging wet towels in my bag.

    If you can rent a locker for cheap, it is worth it to keep all your shampoo, brush, antiperspirant, etc so you don't have to lug it back and forth every day. I usually kept a couple pairs of undies and a bra in there, as sometimes I forgot those in the morning...ha.  You can always go replenish your locker on a non-work day with fresh towels and work wear, etc.





  • I used to, and the "stuff factor" is a big reason why I don't currently.  My gym doesn't provide towels or allow us to keep locks on lockers, so everything has to be schlepped (except hair dryers, which they do have -- but I never use).  Back when I did it, I just had a full duplicate set of everything I'd need that either stayed in a locker or was in my bag, so I didn't have to think about it.

    I'm thinking about doing it again, because working out after work has been a big fat fail lately.  I just don't leave the office.  But the stuff is a problem.

  • I used to when I was working.  It is nice getting it out of the way. I had one of those little hair towels which made walking around in a towel easier (my hair is really thick so I really need a towel on it to soak up some of the water.  It did help that I was low maintenance....I don't wear a lot of makeup and our gym had hair dryers.  I got a mesh bag from D!ck's to keep all my shower stuff in so it was a lot more compact than a caddy and easy to take back and forth. I would wrap my towel around that when I was done to catch the water and put it in a reusable grocery bag to keep my other stuff dry.
  • I've thought about it, but the gym is 5 minutes from my house. Work is 35. So I just go to the gym, then I come home and get ready. I might do a boot camp class near my office, soon, in which case I'd have to shower at the gym. I already bought a lock for my locker. I figure it will be kind of like a college dorm.
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  • I do, every day. It's not that big of a deal. I don't rent a locker. I carry everything in a small gym bag and then have my clothes on hangers. I bring my towel and just use the straps to fasten it to the top of the bag. I have a medium sized bag for all my makeup, and I also throw in my shampoo, conditioner, facewash, small travel sized hair dryer, flips flops for the shower, and a few other things.
  • image SwizzleStiX:

    Contemplating doing this because I'm not making it there after work.

    How does that work? Do you bring your own towels? I feel like it's a lot of stuff to drag to the gym...

    DH and I used to do the gym in the mornings. In my gym bag, I had my toiletries, a large towel (bath sheet or beach towel), and brought my work clothes in on a hanger. I had a separate bag for my sweaty clothes and let my towel air dry in the car (put it over the passenger seat or on the back seat) while I was at work. I would use it for 2-3 days, depending.

    I kept a pair or two of work shoes in my car, in case I forgot those, which I did, often. One time, I forgot my regular bra at home and had to drive home 10 minutes, then to work 20 minutes, even though from the gym to work was less than 15 minutes.

    It was better for me to work out before work as it energized me for the day, and it wasn't far from work or home.

  • Mine provides towels, (cheap) shampoon & conditioner, (cheap) body wash and deoderant. I have my own locker that I keep my own shampoo and conditioner as well as my body wash and shower shoes.

     I like doing it because I can get it done and over with in the morning but it really sucks when you forget something. Like the time I forgot my bra and had to wear my (somewhat gross) sports bra all day!

  • I do this 3-4 times a week. I like getting it over with in the morning, plus my gym is very quiet in the morning and a mob scene after work.

    I schlep one big bag every day. Its actually a boat and tote tote bag from LL Bean. So its pretty big. My gym doesnt provide anything, so I pack towel, flipflips, soap, shampoo (when im washing my hair there, which isnt every day) plus my clothes and makeup. I have soap and face wash that I just keep in my gym bag, makes things a little easier.


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