Cats and chicken feet?

So, Simon's feelings are super hurt that all the pups are getting chicken feet again.  When I gave them chicken feet previously, I had meat in the house, so I would just give Simon some chicken, turkey or whatever. 

Now, there isn't any meat in the house (except for stuff for the dogs), which include chicken feet, chicken necks and turkey necks.  The chicken and turkey necks are frozen, so I wasn't able to cut a sliver off for him. 

At lunch today (when I gave the dogs the feet) I tried to cut a piece off of the chicken feet for Simon, but those suckers are HARD, not to mention, it really grossed me out. 

ETA: Meat in general doesn't gross me out.  Chicken feet do. I think it is because there is a leg attached to claws and other things that I think are gross looking.

Would it be okay for me to find a small foot for him to eat whole or is that too much for a cat to eat? 

FWIW, he is about 20 pounds.

They see us rollin'...they be hatin'.
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