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Thank you gift for neighbor for clearing snow?

We were hit by the blizzard last night.  This morning our neighbor came over and helped DH clear the 4 ft. drifts of snow on our driveway.  We want to show appreciation because he went above and beyond being a great neighbor.

Would this warrant baked goods, gift certificate or a bottle of his favorite booze?

Any suggestions would be great!  Thanks.

Re: Thank you gift for neighbor for clearing snow?

  • We are getting H's coworker who did the same for us a $20 gc to red robin.  He has kids, so we figured this would be somewhere he could go for dinner with his hooligans and not have to cook for a night. 

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  • That was VERY nice of your neighbor to help.  Our neighbor used his snowblower to clear our drive way 3 time last week when we got about a foot of snow (DH wasn't home he was working his shift work)!!

    I would bake him one for your specialties and get him a bottle (or case) of his favorite booze.  I don't think that I would give him a gift certificate, that's just me though.

  • We got our neighbor who has been snow blowing for us all winter a $20 gift card to Dunkin Donuts and wrote a nice thank you note. I figured he would probably use it and I don't know enough about him to get him something personal. I may also do some baked goods soon.
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  • I think any of the above would be a nice idea - though I would do a gift certificate to a restaurant or the movies or baked goods before wine unless you know for sure that they are drinkers. 
  • My DH helped our neighbor clear snow a few weeks ago and she left a Thank You note with a gift certificate for a carwash at a pretty expensive carwash place (they handwash and then do the inside of the car while you wait). We were very surprised because we didn't expect anything.
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  • We're in the same boat.  I think we're going to try to find a gas gift card and then I'll bake him some cookies.  My usual go to "thank you" is booze, but this only works if you know the people better. I don't know if our neighbor partakes in the occasional libation.   
  • The gc to dunkin donuts sounds like a good idea, or starbucks.  Thats was really nice of your neighbor, and nice of you for showing your appreciation!

  • Do you know what your neighbor likes? Does he like coffee or liquor or whatever? I think if you get him a little something you know he likes he'll appreciate it - maybe ask his wife if you don't know.

    Our neighbor likes to make is own mircrobrew - so H got him some new kinds to make from a specialty store and we also gave him some mircro-brew he hadn't tried before since he likes his beer. He did our driveway and walkway twice since H was at work and he was working from home - he knows I'm pregnant and wanted to make sure I could get out without issues if I had to - it was very thoughtful of him.

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  • I just asked this question on my local board not too long ago.  We also have an awesome neighbor who's been using his big snowblower to clear out our driveway after every big storm this winter.  We never even asked him to do it, he just knows we don't have a machine big enough to handle everything we've gotten this year. 

    We sent him a gift certificate to a local grocery/farm stand store that we know he and his family frequents.  They loved it.

    Having great neighbors is awesome!

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  • My first instinct would be to bake something, but it all depends.  Is he a family man with kids?  Then baked goods would be great.  If he is a single guy like our neighbor who helps us out, then a bottle of wine would be great.  Or if you don't know bake something, keep half and show up with wine and some baked goods.  A little of both, either way he will be appreciative.
  • My neighbor is always lending a helping hand when it comes to snow, so last year, I knew my neighbor was doing some update to his home so I gave him a thank you card with a home depot gift card in it.
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