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New lenses put into old glasses frames?

Has anyone had new lenses put into an old pair of frames before? I'm talking about vintage frames, not a new pair you'd buy at Lenscrafters that they'd probably already have ready-made lenses for.  

I was just trying to gauge what it would cost me to turn old frames into sunglasses - any thoughts?

TIA! ;)

Re: New lenses put into old glasses frames?

  • Prescription lenses are manufactured as a round disk - think hockey puck - and have to be cut to fit whatever frame they're put into, so I would think anyone could do that for you - they'd just have to order the tinted lens and cut it to fit your frames.
  • It seems like they would be able to do it, but I don't know if it would be expensive.  Do you have lenses for these frames?  I had an old pair of glasses turned into sunglasses - my optometrist had a machine that you put the lenses in and it darkens them.  I guess it coats them with something, I don't really know how it works, but it was cheap.
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  • Most places can do it, but a mom + pop place is going to be easier going about it than a chain is. 

    This is on my list of things to do, I found a great pair of vintage Italian frames from the 1960s that I want to be my new glasses.

  • It depends on the frame. Some are not designed to be reused - the lenses cannot be removed and replaced without damaging the frame. Some vintage frames that are older plastic are too fragile and would break when the new lenses are inserted, because the frame is heated to soften the plastic when the lens is popped into place. And then the cost of the lenses will vary depending on if you are getting prescription or not, getting polarization or not, getting basic plastic or high index plastic etc etc.

    Take them to an optical shop to see if it can be done and get a quote on their materials.

  • Sorry - weird time delayed double post

  • You can do this, but the it depends on the frame and they type of lens.  I file insurance claims for a local eyecare company and quite a few patients use their own frames. You can take them in and the optician will tell you what they can do for you.
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  • This can be done.  I am a glasses wearer and I have about 4 different pairs of frames and 2 different pairs of prescription sunglasses.  I take good care of my frames so that I can get new lenses put in them and have a variety of frames.  I have had prescription lenses and sunglass lenses put in vintage cat eye frames from the 50's.  If you are talking about frames that old then it will be a matter of what kind of shape the frames are in.  Some really old frames are delicate or the plastic has deteriorated and that is why it can't be done.  I often by cheap sunglasses or reading glasses that are cute and have prescription lenses put in them...I've never had anyone tell me they can't.  And I am blind so my prescription is pretty thick and I have to pay for the expensive lenses.

    Good Luck! 

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