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What do you get your parents for their 30th anniversary?

Re: What do you get your parents for their 30th anniversary?

  • I was broke and in either college or my first year of law school so I think I sent them flowers.
  • Not sure yet.  My parents have their 30th this year, we're sending DH's to Vegas for their 50th this year.  I feel like we need to do something decent, I'm just not sure what.
  • They just had their 20th.  I gave them a phonecall.  They were happy with that.
  • I want to get them something nice but not expensive sense we are TTC and need to save.
  • What about a good bottle of wine or champagne?  Make up a fancy snack basket to go with it.
  • I have to have something that I can send in the mail sense they live a few hours away.
  • Depends on how much money you want to spend, but for special anniversaries, we've been going with experience type gifts like a gift card to a really good restaurant or even a weekend away. A couple's massage would also be nice if they like massages.
  • You can usually send wine through the mail, especially if you're in the same state.  I know it's not a very original gift, but I don't think of my parents' anniversary as a place for originality, just for a very nice thought.

    Costco has some good gift baskets.  I think you can even have lobster sent.


  • my sisters and I chipped in and sent them to Europe
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  • my siblings and I planned a surprise party with family and friends there. I came in from out of state. We also got them an anniversary clock. We also got family and friends to send pictures from over the years and made a slide show to Beatles music. They enjoyed al of it. If you cant/dont want to do a party, I would recommend the clock, it was really nice and we had it engraved for them.

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  • I was in high school when my parents celebrated theirs so I don't really remember what I got them. Probably a card.

    Pearl is the traditional gift for the 30th, but you could always gift something inlaid with pearl/mother of pearl.

  • I was a senior in high school, so I don't remember. I was always good at this stuff, so definitely a present and card. Probably something small, though.

    This year is my parents' 40th. I want to see about throwing them a small party at my grandmother's house. 

  • It was the year we got married so we had them have a special dance at our wedding, and gave them a special anniversary cake, also at the wedding.  My mom INSISTED we recognize their anniversary at our wedding, so I still have bad feelings about it since it was forced.



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    my sisters and I chipped in and sent them to Europe
    I would love to send them to Canada but, I can't spend that much money because we are TTC. My brother and his wife are in the same place because they have a three month old and only one pay check.
  • A gift certificate to a sitting with a professional photographer. 
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