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May be moving to NASHVILLE!!!!

Hey ladies! DH 's company has just opened an office in Nashville and they are pursuing him for an opportunity there. We are from MA, and I have never been to Nashville...any tips, info, resources that you might recommend to give me an idea of what to expect!??? Thanks so much!!!

Re: May be moving to NASHVILLE!!!!

  • DH and I moved here a little over a year ago from NYC and have adjusted pretty well. We are living about 20 min. east of Nashville and have even bought a house. I would definitely recommend visiting and spending a weekend but I'm not sure that will really give you and idea of what living here would be like. The COL here is wonderful there is no state income tax and the property taxes are way lower (at least compared to NY/NJ taxes) of course there are more expensive areas just like anywhere. Nashville has great restaurants and shopping in the surrounding areas. We are in our mid 30's, are kind of past our going out and partying stage (especially since I'm pregnant) but there is plenty to do and see no matter what age you are. We definitely went through a what did we do stage but I think most people would go through something similar. Feel free to PM if you have any questions you can ask me almost anything I will be honest.
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  • We relocated here 4 years ago from Mass.

    Be prepared for culture shock. "Christian this, christian that" Doctors, auto mechanics, realtors, painters will all advertise themselves as "christian".

    Weather is good. COL is amazing. We bought a house twice as large as our house in Mass for $200k less. We only had 1 car in Boston. Now we have 2 and and our car insurance is 1/2 as much.

    Excellent state parks. There is no traffic to speak of.

    Schools aren't anywhere close to Mass. We came from one of the "worst" districts in Mass and live in the "best" district in TN and there is no comparison. Our district in Mass was better.

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  • We're originally from MA although we lived in CA before moving to Nashville. 

     There's a little bit of culture shock. Stores are empty on Sunday mornings. And there are religious billboards and the occasional Confederate flag by the side of the road. And there's only one Dunkin Donuts close to us :O 

     Weather is okay. At first it was "unbelievably" hot in the summer, and it was surprisingly snowy this winter. However, the "winter" is a lot shorter here. November is pretty comfortable and we didn't need our heat on until after Thanksgiving. :)

     Cost of Living is great. Love the no-income-tax thing. Sales tax is higher (here it's 9ish% for non-food, 7ish for food) but prices are better. :) 

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