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What do you watch on weekend mornings?

I always wake up early on the weekends, out of habit, and can never find anything worthwhile to watch.

I usually end up watching Food Network, HGTV, or Law & Order SVU or NCIS marathons.

Maybe it's time to invest in a DVR...

Re: What do you watch on weekend mornings?

  • We watch everything we DVRed over the week. We always watch The Soup, which comes on Friday nights.
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  • We also watch the soup sat. Morn and one of the flipping shows (property ladder or flip this house). Whichever episode we haven't seen before.  Then we hit up the DVR.


  • We watch The Soup from our DVR from Friday night.

    Also whatever is on re-runs on MTV and VH1 


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  • TV Land always seems to be showing The Nanny marathons on weekend mornings.  I'm sort of fascinated by them for some reason, much to DH's chagrin.  
  • We usually catch up on whatever we have on the dvr from the week.

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  • Usually nothing; I don't like watching TV in the morning.  But on Saturdays I'll sometimes catch a couple PBS cooking shows later in the morning.  I can barely tolerate FoodTV anymore but the PBS shows are always good.

    If I'm going to watch anything on Sunday, it's usually Meet the Press or CBS Sunday Morning.  It depends on the topics and the guests.

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  • We watch The Soup at some point as well, and we will watch DIY network, HGTV, or just the news.

    I agree...weekend TV is pretty bad.

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  • Blues Clues then Sportscenter.
  • I watch the back of my eye lids until the cat or the telephone puts a stop to that.

    On Saturday, I watch In the Heat of the Night re-runs and Sunday I watch CBS Sunday Morning.  Since I am an old lady.   Later on if I'm bored, the DVR leftovers from the week are on deck.

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  • Usually A&E - Sell This House.  Sometimes I'll watch the Sopranos if it's on (even though it's edited and I could be watching it On Demand on HBO....).
  • Usually any DVR leftovers and then GSN or if there is a good movie on I'll watch that.
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  • Just stuff from the DVR.  Today I watched a couple of episodes of The Good Wife.  This afternoon/evening DH found reruns of Star Trek: The Next Generation and now we're watching Gilmore Girls reruns.

  • I usually catch up on my DVR'd shows from the week as well, but I always work out first thing in the morning so by the time I settle down on the couch it's closer to lunchtime.
  • image Nonny:

    ... now we're watching Gilmore Girls reruns.

    Confession:  I am addicted to GG re-runs. 

    I don't remember being this excited about during the original seasons. 

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  • the oc and one tree hill come on on soap. i was majorly OBSESSED with the oc so it makes me very happy :)

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