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does anyone besides me watch chase?

i mean, i know, it's a really lame show. BUT i can't help myself. i like it. and i thought the last 2 episodes were good. i'm glad they stopped with the dumb chasing people scenes (like the stuff that would CLEARLY never even be possible- jumping from building to building, blah blah).

so, anyone else with me on this one?

Re: does anyone besides me watch chase?

  • I love it!  So glad the new ones are back.  Haven't seen this weeks yet, but plan on watching it tonight.
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  • I do, I love it.   Although I haven't seen the new episodes yet, hopefully this weekend I can catch up.
  • I do and I like it!  I thought I wouldn't, but there's something about the way it is shot which is so intriguing.  I also think the characters are just so likable!  I'm glad it made the early season cut.
  • so can we talk about the hot guy with the neck tat...he's in jail now...but do you remember at the end after annie visited him (a while back) and he had her picture? do you think he will come back in to the show?
  • Definitely watch the show!!  It's a really cool show and seems refreshing in the sense it's not like many others out.
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