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How's your week so far?

I was a little stressed out this morning. Now that school is in it's second week I feel like I have a lot on my plate. Trying real hard to keep on top of everything. 

Going to try out a new Chinese food restaurant tonight and then meet with my geometry tutor. Still unpacking :/  

Re: How's your week so far?

  • I am over tax season already and we aren't even a month in. Also, I have lost ALL motivation studying for this cpa exam. I wish I could just quit my job and focus on the darn exam until I am done with it....
  • Not too bad over here. It's our busy week at work, so we are making tons of calls, which usually puts me rushing around at 4pm to get everything done before 5pm. It does make the week go by faster though.


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  • Sometimes I wish I had a work week...sometimes I like my ever-changing schedule. This week I work Monday, Friday and Saturday nights. Next week all weekday nights. So it's never the same.

    I am having a good week tho, enjoying my three nights off. The neighbors had us over for Jambalaya last night (yum!). We are also in the process of redoing our fish tanks. We have a 55 gallon that we had a Jack Dempsey in. Now we are getting rid of him, and changing the water to brackish water and getting puffer fish. They are so cool looking! So that's quite the endeavor. My father in law also gave us another fish tank with stand. It's a custom made hexagon tank, so it's really nice! We don't know what kind of fish we are going to put in there.

     MMM *Belle* I have been craving chinese food. And sushi. I wish we were rich so we could eat out every night!! :)

  • This week's going great. Work was becoming a nightmare, but I've managed to turn it around and it's certainly a lot better than it was. Am going to Lakeside on Saturday and I really can't wait for that. Hopefully the weather will hold up.


  • I know I'm late on this but I haven't been on all week!  This week has been suprisingly busy considering I'm unemployed.  I got in from NYC at 2:30am on Tuesday morning (booo to canceled flights and bad weather).  We did our taxes (getting a return thank God- I won't have to sell my eggs for at least one more month) and I went to Sucre for dessert with my bestie.  If anyone hasn't been there yet you MUST go asap!!!  It's right by lakeside mall (in the strip with Bravo).  Fab desserts and treats!  Super cute.
  • image cm10/10:
    (getting a return thank God- I won't have to sell my eggs for at least one more month)
  • image cm10/10:
    (getting a return thank God- I won't have to sell my eggs for at least one more month)


    Thanks for the laugh...that made my day!

  • LOL- It's really funny when you hear my 62 yr old mom say it.
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