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? re: Nordstrom's Return Policy (Shoes I've worn outside)

I bought a pair of Nine West pumps a few weeks ago.  I love them but I have a narrow heel and they slip off my feet a little bit.  They gave me heel slip insert things that work but only because they push my foot so far forward.  It's sort of a pet peeve of mine when you can see a huge gap behind someone's heels if they're wearing pumps so I am wishing I would have bought a smaller size.  (I should have known better - Nine West runs huge.)

They have rubber soles so it's barely noticeable that I've worn them outside.  Will Nordstrom care either way?  Will they exchange them even if I've worn them outside?  I'm afraid they're going to scrutinize the soles and question me on them. 

Re: ? re: Nordstrom's Return Policy (Shoes I've worn outside)

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