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removing perm marker from house siding?

i need a cheap way to remove black marker (i'm guessing its permanent) from vinyl siding. any ideas?

we bought a fixer upper and the previous owner's kid thought it'd be fun to draw a smiley face outside their bedroom window, which just so happens to be above the front door.

Re: removing perm marker from house siding?

  • Do you know how long it's been there?  How big is this smiley face?  I would try soap and water (with a little bleach if you have white siding).  You could also try Magic Eraser.

  • I KNOW for a fact that WD40 gets rid of permanent marker - when I was a kid I was told this and "tested" it by drawing all over my Moms dinning room table and then cleaning it off. To this day my Mother has no idea I did this and I am not proud of it. But it works wonders - I'm not sure how well it will work with vinyl since it's more of a porous surface, but it's worth a try.
  • Go to a local parts place (car parts) and pick up a can of brake cleaner- I know it gets perm. marker off skin and a few other things. This stuff is amazingly handly. Got a spill? Spray some on- it dries instantly... grease stain on your driveway- brake clean!
  • I was also going to recommend the Magic Eraser - I haven't yet met a stain it wouldn't remove.
  • Rubbing alcohol removes permanent marker.
  • image Kelly*Chris:
    I was also going to recommend the Magic Eraser - I haven't yet met a stain it wouldn't remove.

    Ditto! It worked like magic getting dried paint out of the crevices on my laminate floor. I'm almost positive is also works on magic marker.

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