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Poll: Stick figure car decals

Have you seen these? You know, the minivan with the stick figure family on the back, a soccer ball magnet, a pair of ballet shoes magnet and an elementary school bumper sticker? Is this just common in my area or is this a nationwide phenomenon? Anyway, I had to laugh when I saw this parked at Qdoba the other day:





Re: Poll: Stick figure car decals

  • I don't like stickers of any sort on my car.  IMH they're tacky.
  • Dang, Duggars better look out for that lady! 

    I don't mind those stickers, as long as they don't have the names of the kids underneath the figures.  That bothers me from a safety standpoint.  Not sure if I'd put them on our car or not though.


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  • My boss has those on her car, and I have seen a lot around here. I wouldn't put them on my car though.
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  • There are quite a few around here. Most of them wearing Mickey ears Smile

    I don't see myself putting them on my car, though I do have bumper stickers/decals. I've got an alumni one, one that says "WTB" (Woman to Blame - from the song "Margaritaville), a TiVo one, and a breast cancer ribbon one.

  • I think it's a cute idea, but yes I agree that I wouldn't put names or anything on them. Not sure if I'd put them on my car, but I guess it's cute for a family.

  • They are very common in Oklahoma.  I think just bout every minivan around here has them.
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  • image Philly6*6*09:
    I don't like stickers of any sort on my car.  IMH they're tacky.


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  • I am laughing so hard at this poll. I get irrationally mad every time I see a car with any of these stickers on them. I actually had a conversation with my husband the other day about how much they annoyed me.

     The reason why I hate them so much (and this is probably me being overly cautious and overthinking) but why would you ever want to advertise your family to complete strangers on the road. Around here if you have a large family (3+ children) you're either super poor or very wealthy. Most of these stickers you see are on the back of really expensive cars. Clearly, you're saying I am very wealthy and have this many children. People are weirdos and I honestly think that your children are more likely to get kidnapped when parents do something like this.


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  • I hate these stickers... actually I hate all car stickers -- I think they are tacky but these are just really annoying for some reason.  Yep you have kids, we could have figured that out by the fact that you drive a minivan full of car seats but thanks for the stickers to point out the obvious.  And to the people who put up the stickers for their little family that have the cats and dogs or even the ones with the little halos for their dead pets... get a hobby or a job or something so you aren't so lame.
  • I HATE these. The hubs and I laugh at them every time we see them. We joke about putting them on our car, but using 2 men or 2 women as the couple just to shake things up a little.
  • I cannot wrap my head around paying tens of thousands of dollars for a vehicle only to take it home and put a drug store sticker on it. No thanks!

    I dislike the family ones because of the security reasons PP mentioned. Even more than this, I hate the personalized ones with names.  I have a neighbor with a (roughly) $25,000 truck who spelled out the names of each person on the outside near where they would sit.  So his name is on the driver's side door, his wife's on the passenger side door, and the grandkids on the back window.  All of this done with the individual letter stickers that are typically used to put a last name on a mailbox at the curb.

  • Honestly they don't really bother me, but I wouldn't put decals/bumper stickers on my car.

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