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We've been accident free for 3 weeks!

Outside of a mishap in her crate while on antibiotics, Scarlet has not had an accident in over 3 weeks. I had to share...we got her with zero training and she is doing so well with everything, I'm so proud. Party!!!

We did a test run when we were running errands of her in out in our den and not in her crate, the door was closed to the rest of the house so she had a limited area she could destroy if she tried. We're not going to push our luck, but its nice to know we can puppy proof an area and not have to put her in her crate every single time we run out.

We could spy on he from the window, after 5 minutes of snooping, she laid down on her bed and went to sleep. She was in the same spot when we got home an hour later.

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Re: We've been accident free for 3 weeks!

  • I totally understand your excitement. I remember when our boys were puppies feeling like we needed one of those signs from a factory "WE HAVE BEEN ACCIDENT FREE FOR x DAYS"Congrats!
  • Now we just have to get her to stop being a complete psychopath when we play in the backyard...ill take that over cleaning up messes in the house though. 

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  • That's awesome! 

    Nandi was 2 to 3 when we adopted her, and was partially housebroken.  I think it took us 3 months before we let her in the house without being attached to us or on a leash.  It was such a huge relief when she was solid.

    We've never tried leaving her uncrated.  I feel kind of bad about it, but I've heard too many horror stories of dogs going after cats or after other dogs and just can't justify the risk.  : (

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