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Do you ever feel tempted

to educate random people about proper pet nutrition in stores/

I was in line at Target late last night because of a mini disaster (everything's good, now) and the lady in front of me had a huge bag of Boots&Barkley dog food, a giant pack of rawhides and some gross-looking treats. I was kinda tempted to say something, but I assumed it was socially unacceptable, plus she looked a little mean.

I'll give unsolicited advice all day on the nest, but I avoid it IRL, even though sometimes it's tough. Is anyone else tempted to say something to people buying, say, Ol' Roy?


Re: Do you ever feel tempted

  • Sometimes I do.  Depends on how receptive the people look.

    However put me in a store that sells puppies and you will hear my opinion 100% of the time, I don't care how receptive you look.  I hate seeing people buying puppies.


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  • I feel the urge to do that all of the time. If I can work it into a conversation I normally at least go for it. Some are receptive, some not so much. I have avoided ones that looked particularly mean though.
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  • I only said something once. I was in Petco buying poo bags, and a woman was saying to a store associate that she was looking for a new food, because her dog was scratching a lot and somebody told her the dog could be allergic to its food. The store associate pointed her to the Science Diet, and after the associate walked away, I told her that she'd be better off with Wellness. She went with the Wellness. 
  • Ugh, I work at target, on of the pharmacist has a dog and an electric fence, and bought a GIANT bag of rawhides a couple weeks ago. I gently tried to advise against both, but alas it didn't work as the rawhides "buy her an hour of sanity".
  • I know this may be a dumb question but why are rawhides bad for dogs? We feed Tyson Wellness now thanks to this board but I do buy him rawhides. Should I not be feeding them to him?
  • Rawhides expand when wet, so they are much bigger in the stomach than say the mouth. This can cause blockages which generally requires surgery to fix. Not really worth the risk IMO. Most ladies on this board do bully sticks instead because they are digestable.
  • Thanks for the info! We don't get Tyson rawhides very often but I will change him over to bully sticks. So glad I found this bored learning lots! Thanks again
  • Welcome! Glad I could help. And I'm not sure how much you know about bully sticks but they do sometimes smell a little, there are odor free kinds. I just got a 1 lb grab bag from for like $35 and it came with all kinds of swirly, straight, and braided ones. Mostly under 6 inches, but for the wee beast their perfectly sized!
  • I get  VERY tempted when I am at work....When I worked for Petsmart we were encouraged to educate people buying Pedigree to upgrade to Nutro or higher. Now that I work at a grocery store I cringe when people come through with the REALLY good ones like Maintain and Basic.  Even the names sound bad!  Why would you only want your dog to be "maintained" instead of thriving?  Why would you only want to give your dog the "Basic''???  

    Someone came through with Hi-Protein once and said "This is pretty good dog food, right?" I think I stared at him for 30 seconds trying to think of something to say that wouldn't sound rude...I finally said "Honestly I would not feed my dog ANYTHING we sold in this store..." Sorry for the vent....guess its a sore spot for me Wink 

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  • I have a friend who buys his cat friskies/meow mix - you know, something that's basically moldy grain and horse hooves. He jokes, "oh, he likes the cheap food. It's the only thing he'll eat." That's obviously not true, but I bite my tongue because I know this guy doesn't have a lot of money, so a $5 bag of cat might really be what he can afford, and that's his "excuse" for it.
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  • Some people will just never get it. We found out my inlaws downgraded from Biljac (gross) to Sam's club brand (double gross). I'm tired of trying to nicely educate them about food (and behavior really); I'm just not sure they care, which is sooo frustrating!
  • All.the.time.

    But usually I don't.  If I feel like I can work it into the conversation, then I will try.

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