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My keurig coffee tastes bad

I just got it and fired it up this morning. It has a strong plasticky taste, I am so dissapointed. Everything I read says run vinegar through it, so I'll probably do that later. I don't have any vinegar now.


Anyone else have that problem when they got a keurig?

Re: My keurig coffee tastes bad

  • We got one two years ago so I can't remember exactly, but I could swear you're supposed to run a few empty brews to clean out the system.  Also, if your tap water tastes bad, it'll translate to your coffee.   We ended up buying bottled water because our tap water is awful.
  • I think you're supposed to run a full basin of water through it before you use it.  And I agree - if your water is bad, it will taste bad.  We have a filter in ours...which, come to think of it, needs to be changed.
  • I never had a problem like that.
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  • I have one, run 1-2 full basins of water thru it. That will make the plastic taste go away.

    Also when you do run the vinegar, make sure to run thru more water than the manual states, trust me, I made coffee for my travel mug after (I thought) I flushed out all the vinegar, umm, yea, that was AWFUL!!!!

  • I just got one this morning, too. We "primed" it by running a couple of tanks of water through, like the PP's said. Ours tasted fine. I'm not really a coffee drinker (although I could see the new toy changing that), so I may not be the best source of coffee-taste knowledge.
  • a little bit - we ran water through though.
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  • I'm completely obsessed with mine! After i 'primed' it I never had that problem, but I know that they have troubleshooting tips on the Keurig website. Maybe try there?
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