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Anyone have dark wood floors and shedding dog?

We're looking into buying a different house but this one has really dark wood floors. Almost a lighter espresso color floor...wondering how bad this is with a shedding dog? I would think you could see the dog hair pretty easily? I have a beagle.


Re: Anyone have dark wood floors and shedding dog?

  • We have dark wood floors, a long hair dachshund and a pom/ eskimo mix. Both dogs are blond, and shed like mad! But.... I'm ok with it. We just make sure to sweep pretty often (every other day, usually) But our hardwood area is a whopping 500sq ft. If it was a huge area I might think twice about it.
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  • the hard wood floor starts at the front door and goes all the way through the house to dining area and the kitchen.  it's an open floor plan.  
  • I have walnut stained floors with both a white and black dog. yeah, you can see it, but that's what vacuums are for.

    I wouldn't let it determine whether I bought an otherwise great house. 

  • It's a royal PITA. We have to sweep daily, and vacuum at least every other day. But it's just hair and a floor... invest in a roomba. 
  • I also wouldn't let floor color determine if i buy a house. I have three dogs, and one of them has long curly hair. I have to sweep every day.
  • If you have a tricolor beagle, you can't win on floor color anyway.  I've discovered this in the weekends we've dogsat for our friends' beagle at our house.  There's no floor color that hides the black AND the white AND the tan.

    So I wouldn't worry too much about it.

  • I have dark-stain walnut hardwood floors and two white dogs - a pomeranian (long hair) and a mt. feist (short hair). And yes, you can see the hair on the floor. But I love my dogs and I love the floor. My easy way to clean is the roomba and a swiffer sweeper. Seriously, the swiffer sweeper is a life saver. It takes just a few minutes to go over my entire house and it works wonders!
  • image muban:
    It's a royal PITA. We have to sweep daily, and vacuum at least every other day. But it's just hair and a floor... invest in a roomba. 


    This.  All of this.


  • We have cherry colored floors and blue dobermans (read gray).  You can see every speck of hair on the floors and their dusty paw prints too.  I wouldn't put in floors this color again, but we really like the flooring, so it wouldn't dictate us buying a house with similar colored floors.  We just wouldn't install them ourselves again. 

    Also, ligher floors wouldn't show the dusty prints as much, but it would still show hair for us.  So we really can't win. 

    We have a roomba.  It helps a lot.

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  • We just put real dark hardwoods down on the whole first floor of our house. I love love love it however it is a pain in the butt to keep clean. We have cats but they do not live on the first floor and i'm still sweeping dust, crumbs etc all the time. I imagine it will be far worse for you. Believe me you will see EVERYTHING! However it is soooo worth it to me and i dont mind. If you love it and do not mind sweeping every day and vacuuming twice a week then go for it. 
  • We have a dog who sheds but our hardwood floor is similiar to gunstock that they carry at home depot.  You really do not see the hair on our hardwood floor.  I think with a darker hard would you would see everything
  • I have hardwood floors (light) and a black lab in our current house.  Think of  this, no matter, I would rather have the hair floating around hardwoods, then trapped in a carpet.  Just cause you don't see it doesn't mean it isn't there :)  I have to swiff everyday, and sometimes even twice, but it is worth it.  
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