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new years GTG?

It seems like forever since I've seen a GTG planned for this group.  I need to work on my presentation skills before a huge conference in February where I am sponsoring a table for my latest business venture.   I would love to invite everyone over for a Celebrate 2011 potluck.  We can do wine, appetizers, and desserts, de-stress after the holidays, get to know each other and celebrate new and old friendships as we start a new year.  Let's indulge in some of the skincare products from my company and you can all tell me what I need to fix in my presentation (I'll keep it short). 

Would anyone be interested in doing this?  

Re: new years GTG?

  • What is your new business? I'm already booked for January :( Life is so crazy busy I swear it has been non-stop parties, etc... since Thanksgiving!
    Don't worry about tomorrow. After all, today is the tomorrow that you worried about yesterday. Take each day as it at a time. Midnight Baking Adventures Blog
  • I know what you mean!  I tried finding time to even host a GTG and found that I was booked for January too.  Add to that a dead computer for a couple of weeks and it's crazy here.  It's hard having a holiday baby and all of the friends she has met at gymboree, so they're ALL holiday-ish babies.  It's been non-stop around here too, but I somehow managed to lose a few pounds, so I guess it could be worse.  I'd say let's shoot for February, but I'm sure that's already booking up for people too.  How were your holidays?

    As for the new biz, thank you so much for asking.  I just partnered with the doctors who created Proactiv.  They have another skincare line that used to be distributed under Estee Lauder in high-end stores, but two years ago they bought back the distribution rights and went to network marketing.  It's really exciting since it's a ground floor opportunity right now and they anticipate the customer base being much larger for this than for Proactiv for so many valid reasons.  I love it because I LOVE the products.  That's why I started.  I just wanted to make enough to cover the cost of my products and I really wanted their line for sun damage and hyperpigmentation.  My melasma of pregnancy was getting worse, not better, and my acne was getting worse each month.  I started using the products and the acne was gone almost instantly, my color was evening out within weeks... and now I'm getting ready to AMP it up.  Our new product is an anti-aging tool that was featured on the Today Show last week as an Allure Magazine "must have" for 2011.  I have mine, but am finishing off my other regimen first.  I have a couple of wrinkles that need to be erased and can't wait to do my before after.

    I can honestly say that I never saw myself in network marketing (I hate sales), but I'm having a blast.  I'm learning a lot about myself and becoming a happier and more positive person each day, I'm facing my fears, and it's forcing me to get out and meet people and start building relationships. My entire time back in SoCal, I've wanted to move back to Vegas or to the Bay Area because I didn't have any ties here and felt isolated.  In the few months that I've been doing this, I have met so many amazing people and am making great friends.  I can now see myself staying in the area and being happy about that decision. If you ever want to learn more, just page me on the board and hopefully I'll see it or you can find me on Facebook.

    Hopefully we can all find time to GTG soon, whether to showcase my business or to have some drinks.  I'm sorry I never got into book club.  I haven't even been able to read the books my coach wants me to read let alone the books for my other book club.  

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