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Postage for Photo Cards

I'm in the process of deciding what photo cards to order and wanted to make sure I don't order a size that requires additional postage.  Does 5x7 or 4x8 require any additional postage than a regular stamp?


Re: Postage for Photo Cards

  • nope, only need extra for square envelopes, so avoid the 5x5 designs
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  • Yes, according to the USPS:

    "To qualify for First-Class Mail card prices, a card must be:

    ? Rectangular
    ? At least 3-1/2 inches high X 5 inches long X 0.007 inch thick
    ? No more than 4-1/4 inches high X 6 inches long X 0.016 inch thick

    Length is the longest dimension parallel to the address.
    Oversized cards will be charged as a letter or large envelope depending on the size."

    ETA: I think I misread your post - I thought you meant do they still qualify for the postcard rate.  But that is not what you are asking.  You should be fine with a regular 44-cent stamp.

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