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If you watch E!

What is with them showing the same movies over and over and over?

 First it was Evan Almighty, then Knocked Up and now Bruce Almighty. I swear that every single time I turned it on E! over Thanksgiving break, this movie was on. I just turned on the TV and it was on E! from last night.... yep, Bruce almight is on *again*.


Re: If you watch E!

  • That drives me INSANE!!

    Although I stooped to a new low yesterday and tuned into the re-run of Bridal-plasty Embarrassed

  • I didn't even notice! Then again, I wasn't home much at all over Thankgiving week/weekend. I still have Bridalplasty on the DVR to watch. :) And I'm still hooked on Married to Rock.
  • I've noticed that, and I agree it is completely annoying. I don't watch E! for movies, if I wanted that I would turn to a movie channel. :|
  • I think it's pretty common over a holiday for most channels, including E!, to show movies. I don't know why, but it is what it is.
  • Movie licensing fees, I understand. What I don't understand is their incessant replay of shows about why teens kill, etc. I can barely even find the gossip shows on there anymore. Isn't that what E is for?! I would rather them play E! news 3 or 4 times a day than the crap that's usually on there.
  • I cannot stand the reruns-TCL and HGTV are pretty bad as well-HGTV has the same HH/Property Virgins ALL THE FING TIME.
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