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Teen Mom

I'm a little late to the Teen Mom thing, so I just watched season one when the marathon was on Friday. I'd seen season 2, so I knew how things turned out, but I still found it interesting.

 Butch is such a douche. He is giving Catelynn and Tyler a hard time for the adoption when he didn't really raise Tyler because he was in prison for the majority of Tyler's life? I am so amazed at how well Catelynn and Tyler have turned out. Yeah, they do some dumb things, but with parents like that they could turn out a lot worse. I'm glad the adoption agent makes herself available to C&T so often. I'm not sure if this is how things normally go, but I'm happy they have some adult in their lives who cares for them (Tyler's mom seems pretty normal and supportive as well.)

I can't believe how hard Maci and Ryan's parents pushed them to stay together. Ryan is so lazy! He couldn't watch his son while Maci did her school work? He didn't even have a job! Maci really does want what is best for her son and I'm impressed with her.

Season 1 for Amber and Gary wasn't much different from season 2. Amber whines, makes excuses and is abusive to Gary and neglectful of Leah. Amber and Gary break up, get back together. Rinse and repeat.

Farrah has grown up since season 1 but what an entitled brat! Her mom would drive me crazy, but she did bring up a lot of valid points.

Re: Teen Mom

  • Haha, you summed it up pretty well!  We love Teen Mom around here.  It never disappoints for some good 'ol gossip.  We're hoping for a 3rd season. 

    Do you watch 16 & Pregnant?  You should stick around.  We have some pretty fun discussions!

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