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Missed 25% off...ugh!

We are giving photos from the wedding to all of our family, including those that we wouldn't normally gift, for Christmas this year. And although many are getting more than one photo, we will put one photo in a frame. We are giving pics of them on the dance floor or at the ceremony if we have them. Otherwise, we're giving pics of our family to them. (Not just pics of us, which seems a bit overkill now that we're 7 months past the big day).

So Saturday night I went to Michael's to hit their 40% & 50% off frames sale. I spent $225 on frames. We got seven or eight $5 off your next purchase coupons that are good for this week only and only one coupon per customer and it's not good on sale items and you have to have the original receipt with you. Matt and I could use two per day to purchase gifts for the kids in our family, but it's kind of a hassle to NOT find something on sale this week.

Then yesterday, we get the Sunday paper and there is a 25% off your entire purchase of frames, including sale items. Um, that's another $55 off!!!  Ugh! I can't believe I missed that sale by less than one day!!

Matt says I should take them all back and return them. Then go back the next day with my coupon and pick them all out again.

What do you girls think? 

Re: Missed 25% off...ugh!

  • Hhmmm could you call the store and see if they'll let you have the discount since you bought them the day before? Maybe they'll give it to you since you bought so many.
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  • I would call them to see if they'll take off the discount just based on your receipt. If not, I would totally drag all of those suckers back just to ring them back up for $55 off!!!
  • image Sarahkay488:
    I would call them to see if they'll take off the discount just based on your receipt. If not, I would totally drag all of those suckers back just to ring them back up for $55 off!!!
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  • I called and got a manager who said yes, they will honor the 25%...yay!

    She first told me I didn't have to bring the frames back as long as I had the original receipt and my debit card. But then we decided it would be best to load the frames into the car and have them, just in case there is any difficulty. We won't have to take them into the store unless they run into a problem.

    So HH and I are heading to Michael's tonight after I get off work to get our $55 and we're going to use it to buy stuff for the kids for Christmas!  We will just about be done with our shopping after tonight! Yay!!

  • Dude.  I do stuff like this (returning things to get my money back because they went on sale or there was a coupon) ALL THE TIME.  It is so annoying when you buy something and then a day or a week later it's all of a sudden way cheaper! Sometimes the employees try to act like jerks (because it's annoying for them to have to ring it up), but they still do it.  
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  • i was gonna say def call, its worth the call! but i saw that they said yes! YAY!!! thats awesome!!  hope it went well tonight
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