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When will Sherwin Williams have paint sale again?

Because now we need some for 2 upcoming projects.  Missed the most recent one.  Any ideas on how often they happen?

Re: When will Sherwin Williams have paint sale again?

  • Not sure if this helps, but we just got a SW color matched with Behr paint at Home Depot just by giving them the color name, and the paint & primer in one works AWESOME.  There's a pic in the first post of my blog of how it covered chocolate brown with medium gray in one coat--I don't even think I'll need another coat!
  • We just missed their giant sale too.  Freakin 40% off is a lot of money, DH and I missed it by three days.  Ohhh well I suppose, sales guy said it was the last one of the year and wouldn't probably have another one until about June.

    Be a bit careful with the color matching tho, we went to Lowes and tried to do the same thing with their Valspar paint to try and save some money.  I was so excited when the lady said they already had the color on file (it was SW Aesthetic White, it's a light sand color)... well the color came out nothing like the sample I had in hand.  In fact it had a green tint to it. As I was walking up to the register I told DH that it just didn't look right and he huffed and puffed, but when I went back to the paint counter the girl in fact said she thought it looked off, but it was what they had in the system.. needless to say, I didn't get the three gallons of paint she mixed and went right back over to SW to get the color I wanted.  When I told the guy at SW about it, he said their base colors are different so its hard to color match with other stores.  



  • I would guess about the beginning of January.
  • Sign up for their preferred customer program and then you'll get emails about the upcoming sales. 

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