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50 degree running weather clothing

So it's supposed to be around 50 degrees, overcast at 9am on Thursday when my 5 mile Turkey Trot starts. I tend to be on the cold side typically, but don't want to end up carrying a long sleeve shirt if I'm burning up by the 2nd mile... what would you rec. wearing?

Re: 50 degree running weather clothing

  • They say dress 20' warmer... so like it's 70, I'd wear shorts and a shirt... if you tend to get cold while waiting, maybe gloves??  Good luck!
  • I'd wear shorts and a short sleeve shirt or tank with a throwaway long sleeve T shirt and cheapie gloves. The LS shirt and gloves usually get tossed by the end of the first mile or two. I've worn arm warmers that I roll down when I get warm enough.
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  • It was 54* and rainy on my 5-mile run yesterday at 9am. I felt a bit overdressed in capris and a short-sleeved shirt. Shorts would've been a better choice. I could have hiked up the capris into bike-short length, though. I didn't regret not having gloves or long sleeves.


  • Dress like it's 20 degrees warmer... in that weather I'd wear capri tights (I prefer them to shorts unless it's legitimately hot) and a short-sleeve shirt.  Maybe some gloves for the very beginning that I could toss when I get warm.

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  • shorts and short sleeved shirt! i am jealous of your turkey trot forecast
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  • I wore a long sleeve wicking shirt under a thin short sleeve shirt and shorts when I ran this morning in 48 degree weather. It was perfect. I tend to be more cold-blooded, too, and I'm usually dressed a smidge warmer than other runners that I see. No gloves. That's waaaay too warm for gloves IMO.
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