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Taking a sick day

I decided to take a sick day today, because my throat is feeling icky.  I don't know about you, but I always feel incredibly guilty taking the day off when I am sick.  Even though I really am sick, I feel like people probably assume I am not (especially since it is a Friday).  

It is best that I stay home, so I don't get the kids sick and so I feel better to teach next week right?  That's what I keep telling myself even though I feel guilty.

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Re: Taking a sick day

  • Do not feel guilty at all. I used to feel like that but it is best for everyone. Sometimes you just need a day to relax as well. 
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  • Can't say I ever feel guilty for staying home even when I stay home when I'm not sick.  The way I see it, to my employer I'm just a number and can be replaced any time they want.

  • I only feel guilty if its a busy day at work. I work in Payroll and 5 days out of our 10 day pay period are quite busy and the other 5 days are fairly slow. It works out well though. Its like my body knows not to get sick on the 5 busy work days and only gets sick once were slow again.

    I find sick days boring .... laying on the couch watching day time television. I always feel like because I am at home I should be doing something productive like cleaning or organizing but because I am sick I can't.

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  • Thanks, I feel less guilty ;)

    Besides, my being absent for the day gives someone else a paid day of work so I don't feel that bad.

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    Another thing you could do is make up mixes of stuff, like cookies and muffins and put it in jars with nice ribbons.  Looks nice and its cheap!

    Hiba aryan
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