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could not get into Harry Potter

anyone else with me or am I the only one? I think it was alittle too far fetched for me to enjoy
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Re: could not get into Harry Potter

  • I put off reading them for a really long time---but when I finally did, I ate them up.
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  • I like fantasy type books so I really got into it.  But there are enough books in the world that you don't have to like everything. 


    My favorite Cake Wreck ever.

  • If far-fetched is a problem for you in Book One, do yourself a favor and stop now! ?Some people just don't go for fantasy/sci-fi. ?No big deal?Big Smile
  • I liked book 1, but couldn't get into the others. you're not alone ;-)
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  • Yeah, I started the first one when it first came out, before they were super popular, and I couldn't even finish it.


    When it exploded and got really popular, I seriously couldn't believe it. ?I heard that they get better, but I haven't really given them another chance. ?

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  • you're definitely not alone. ?i couldn't get into it and gave my copy away immediately. ?total snoozer.
    [the bliz-og]
  • I agree.... Harry Potter just isn't for me
  • I read the first 2 HP books when they originally came out, but I lost interest part way through the third one.

    Just this year I decided to try them again, and I absolutely loved them!  I tore through the entire series.  It was nice because I didn't have to wait for any to be released, I could read them as quickly as I wanted.

  • I didn't care for it at all, and I say it because I only tried reading the first one and none of the others...I just didn't get it
  • I could have done without the first two books. Neither of them hooked me and I felt like I could have seen the movie and gotten all the information I needed. But, they were quick reads so I stuck with it. The third one totally sucked me in. After that, I read the whole series. In the end, I do enjoy the books but I don't revere them as much as some do. It wasn't entirely original but I am impressed by anyone who can create a totally different world.
  • At first I could not get into them, but than I read the fist one for a class and was hooked. I cannot get enough.
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