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OK, AZ Nesties-Let's get it started!

I've been checking out this local board for a couple weeks now & noticed that Nestie Annie has more posts on here than the local ladies/guys .. so: What's the deal? Let's get it going in here, no?

 How about we introduce ourselves?

Hello, hello!!!  I'm Mallory. My DH, Patrick, & I wed on November 1st '09. We share our birthday: November 3rd (thus the screen name-I signed up on theknot before we had a set wedding date.. so..!..) I'm now 25 & he's 33. I'm from Jersey, originally, but I've lived in NC & FL, as well. When my DH ETS'd out the ARMY, we came to his childhood state of AZ. Little factoids about me: I love Pride & Prejudice, Fast & Furious, The Notebook, & The Departed. My favorite childhood movie is The LIttle Mermaid. I'm a huge music fan & I love photography. I come from a massive compiled family that, in a nutshell is 3 sisters & 4 brothers, my mom, dad, ex-step-dad, & lots of aunts, uncles, & cousins.

 What about you all?



Re: OK, AZ Nesties-Let's get it started!

  • This is my first time checking out the board in like a year.  Its always been a bit slow :(

    My name is Kim, husband is Kent.  We are about to celebrate our 5 year wedding anniversary on 12/10.  I was a knottie and came over to the nest shortly after that.  Then we got pregnant in 2008, and I was active on the bumb...  DS was born March 2009 and I haven't been very active sense... actually just came back on to see if anyone had a photographer suggestion :)

    I'm a born and raised Tucsonan - got my BS and MBA from the UofA.  I love reading - just finished Pride and Prejudice a few months ago and I'm currently reading two books - Atlas Shrugged by Ann Rynd and Fury by Koren Zailckas.  My favorite Disney movie is Monsters Inc and Lady and the Tramp.  I like lots of music, but currently digging Colbie Calait and Lady Gaga.

    Who's next?

  • Okay---I'll bite :)


    I'm a colorado nestie, transplanted to Yellowstone national park, and I'm about to move to tucson (parents were raised here, and are now retiring).  Not sure if the move is permanent, depends on what kind of jobs DH and I find.

    We were married in 2006, no kids, but we have two dogs (combined they weigh less than 15 lbs).  

    I'm used to the colorado board, I met some of my very best friends over there and was hoping that the Tucson board would be a little more active.  I'm an avid martial artist, and love to quilt.  Loving tucson in the fall as well, no more snow to shovel! 

  • Very nice to meet yous! Congratulations on your marriages & families!  As for photographers... Unfortunately I can't suggest any, as we had an old family friend from out of Phoenix come down for our wedding shots. That's pretty much the only experience I've had with ANY photographers in AZ. As for no snow to shovel-Love it! Whenever I miss the snow, I can always drive up to Mount Lemmon when I see the Santa Catalinas all topped off in white. It's my 'snow-fix' & the best part is, I can go up there & play in it & come back home & not have to mess with it at all. The dogs love it lots, too!


  • Big Smile

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  • Hi, My DH and I wed November 14th 2010!  We are currently TTC, crossing our fingers :)  I am originally from Connecticut and He is from Louisiana and California.  We met in Tucson almost 2 years ago, and it was close to love at first sight :)   My DH had moved here about a year before I did.  He came here after Katrina for the mild weather and few natural disasters.  I came for my job with the Goverment. We are staying for the weather :)  I have just recently given into the idea of staying, it has taken me a while to like AZ.  I had originally planned on transferring back East after a few years, but the DH really loves it here and I am starting to also.  We love animals and have 3 dogs, 2 cats and a rabbit.   
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