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home birth gone horribly wrong


Scroll down and read the post from 9/26. How sad that they weren't in a hospital for intervention -- I wonder if the baby would have lived if they'd been monitored throughout labor and could've known when the baby was in distress and went in to get it early? I would feel such incredible guilt... image

Re: home birth gone horribly wrong

  • That is so sad.
  • My baby niece was born two weeks ago tonight not breathing. Had she not been in the hospital with a medical team ready and waiting, she would not have made it. Reading that just makes me realize how very lucky we are to have her and that she is healthy.

    You just never know what's going to happen once you're in labor.


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  • That is so so sad! And that's exactly why I won't be doing a home birth... (besides the fact that I have a low pain threshold.) ?
  • Wow.  You couldn't have paid me enough to have a home birth.
  • And that is why I would never do a home birth or a birthing center.  Being in a hospital *just in case* something goes wrong is where I want to be.  I would never forgive myself if something were to happen, how sad.
  • that makes me horribly horribly sad! ?What a senseless and unnecessary death. ?I know that a home birth is intriguing but that is such a risk you are taking. ?

    It just makes me horribly horribly sad. ??

  • That is terrible!  So incredible sad.  I will take the hospital any day!  I had trouble with the delivery of my son and can't imagine not having been at the hospital so they could quickly respond with an emergency c-section.  That is so incredibly sad Sad
  • My brother's wife is PG and will be delivering at a birthing center in late November.  Stories like this scare me to death. Sad  It really worries me and I know that it worries him too (he is a M.D. and I know would prefer her to deliver at a hospital.
  • I think home births are usually done by selfish moms.  What dad is gung-ho about home births?  I don't think your child will love you more because you toughed it out at your home.

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