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just talked to dog trainer!

I just spoke with the trainer that taught sasha's puppy classes.  She's awesome!

 She's willing to come to our house this weekend and work with Roxy.  Also to assess the situation.  She assured me that aggression towards cats is 100 percent trainable.  It just depends how much effort its going to take.

 She said at the end of the assessment she'd tell us how to teach her manners in the house, how to make her know that the cat is one of the pack and not prey.  She'll also let us know its going to be a TON of work, or if she feels the training will be easy.  We should be able to tell this by how easy she picks up commands, and how eager she is to learn.

She also gave me a crap load of info of how to prepare for her spending the night.   She gave me an also great idea.  While Roxy is around cat, she has to wear a muzzle UNTIL she learns that Nala is part of the family pack.
I never thought of that!

Also Roxy is not allowed indoors unless 100 percent supervised, which means she is on leash at all times.

We did this same training with sasha indoors.  It took us 1 year to let sasha be in the house in another room from us, without us watching her 24/7.  I guess its back to square one!

She also said, since sasha is so well trained, that hopefully roxy will follow suit.

Doggies have to be taught that house is a lot like school.  When in the house, you are attentive, quiet, and on your best behavior.  When outside you can run around and be on recess.

So jenn, based on all this info, I think we may try to give her a shot, and see if we can give her a home.   Our trainer said, we will know by monday morning, (bringing dog home friday) whether or not this is going to work out for us.

 wish us luck!

I'll keep ya posted.



Re: just talked to dog trainer!

  • Good luck! I'll keep my fingers crossed for you and Roxy.

    I hope I didn't come across as a Debbie-Downer in your other thread. I was just going off of my 1st reaction to the post. I know that Roxy will have a great home with you guys as long as you are willing and ready to do the training she'll need. Your trainer sounds great and hopefully Roxy will be able to transistion nicely into your family!

  • No you weren't!

    I feel kinda the same way.  I guess my hesitation is that I know that this "project" is not going to be our project.  It will turn into mine.  

    I ended up training sasha.  DH loves playing ball and doing the "fun" stuff, but when it came to training... it ended up being all me.  

    My hesitation along with the cat, is whether or not I  have the energy to undertake teh project at this time.

    I'm just not sure about the timing and if I'm ready for this.

    I have to figure that out.

    AND no matter how much DH wants this dog, if i say no... then its not happening.

    While I'd feel bad not giving her a good home, i want to make sure i'm 100 percent into this before agreeing to take it on.  Its a huge amount of work.  Which DH is unaware of because I trained the last dog.  Training a puppy, is not the same as training a rescue.

    We'll see how it goes.  I want the trainers opinion before i say yes or no. 

  • by the way, our trainer doesn't actually train the dog.  She teaches me how to communicate with the dog.  Then its up to me to be the teacher.  Really the trainer is just the lesson planner for the teacher.
  • I know what you mean. I'm the one that ends up taking on all of the responsibilities for our zoo and dh and the kids have all the fun. I just put in an app to volunteer at our local no kill shelter and they've already asked me if I can foster any animals in my home. While I keep saying no, I just know that some animal (or litter) will come in that will change my mind.

    Good luck again!

  • yea, i think the combo of me rescuing that little doggie a few weeks ago, and then watching the Oprah puppy mill show last week... is what's making me want to rescue this dog.

    Sasha was just so happy last night.

    I sometimes don't think its fair that DH gets to be the "fun" one and I'm the discipline/authority one.   Sasha views me as the pack leader, while she only listens to me......  she plays with DH.   She seeks my attention and approval, but she doesn't play with me.   She views him as a buddy that she can play with, but with me... i'm the one that she has to be on best behavior for.  While its nice to have a perfectly obeying dog.  I get a little jealous that  DH gets to have that relationship.  Maybe I"m analyzing this WAY too much.  But part of me hopes this same role thing doesn't happen when we have kids.  =( 

  • I am glad you are going to try to give this dog a home. ?I hope it all works out!
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