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Maternity Clothes

Okay, I'm in need of CHEAP CHEAP maternity clothes. I already have two nice pair of jeans for the fall/winter, but I need more every day, comfy pants and tops. I have checked at Old Navy, Gap, Target, Kohls....


Where am I missing? 

For some bizarre reason, most of my pregnancy bottoms from my last pregnancy that I was COUNTING on don't fit. Ugh.

Re: Maternity Clothes

  • Kid to Kid, Motherhood, Ross.  Hmm, can't think of any more right now.  Oh, Pumpkin Patch sells maternity now, don't know their prices though.
  • Ross has a maternity section???
  • Kid2Kid and Once upon a child.  Also, Old Navy just had a 40% off sale on their maternity..... it MIGHT still be going on, not too sure


    Maybe JC Penny?

  • motherhood/mimi was having a really big sale this weekend..it might stillb e going on..I got several tops for 10 dollars each, a pair of jeans for 20 dollars, and a cute dress, wasnt' on sale, but i wanted it :)
  • I think it was motherhood/mimi that I went into with my cousin.  Is it the place next to the Galleria?   Whatever it was, loved their clothes and the prices were very inexpensive!  I wanted to buy some, ha! 
  • Motherhood a good sale this weekend.  Probably still going on.  I found a couple of shirts for $10.00 and they had some great dark denim jeans for $20 with the secret belly panel. 

    Kohl's had a awesome sale this weekend too.  I was able to get some casual shirts for $9 and some work shirts for $12.

    I have also had luck with JcPenney's online outlet for maternity clothes.

  • I am pretty sure the place by the Galleria is called Destination Maternity.
  • Ross does have some maternity clothes, or at least they did.  It may be hit or miss, but it's worth a try!
  • Oh I think I saw a the maternity stuff on sale at Ann Taylor Loft.  The North Park store (and maybe Galleria) have the maternity line and they carry it online as well and their shipping is always cheap and you can return to the store.
  • I got GREAT bargains on the Target clearance racks before I was PG.  I got like 3 pairs of pants for $5.74 each & wore the crap out of them while I was working.
  • I don't know if mimi/motherhood is near the galleria, i went to the one at n.e. mall..
  • I saw a clearance rack today at BRU
  • Yes, Ross has maternity - I bought some awesome Levi maternity jeans there for $15!  Destination Maternity has great sales.  I also bought several things at Kid2Kid. 
  • thanks ladies. I thought i'd have a low key afternoon but no, now my list of places to run is growing- BRU, Mimi Maternity and Target. why must you force me to spend money dear belly?
    Gavin & April married 6.26.04
  • Ross does have maternity and I'm pretty sure Marshall's does too & possibly even TJ Maxx. 

  • I just got back from Ross...I didn't find anything, but I as I was flipping through maternity pants, I did find a humongous ROACH climbing up the band of one of the pants! ACK! Yucky!
  • I found a lot of cute stuff on clearance at Babystyle.  Besides that, I primarily shopped at Target, Gap, and Old Navy.  Did you know that Ann Taylor Loft has maternity now?  Maybe you could find some clearance there for cheap. GL!
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