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I don't really like kissing my husband

I think maybe I just don't think he is a great kisser.  I like kissing other parts of him and having sex.  Just making out with him seems somewhat sloppy.  He isn't that bad like some other guys I dated at least.  I think maybe because his lips esp the bottom one is bigger than mine.

Re: I don't really like kissing my husband

  • My hubby isn't a great kisser either...when we're "making out" he freezes like he's concentrating too hard and then i just have his tongue in my mouth and it's not doing anything.  so we don't really make out.  but there's still plenty of other stuff. 
  • My DH doesn't really like kissing.  Never his thing.  He always kisses me goodbye and good night so if he doesn't want to have a make-out session, its not a big deal to me.
  • My FH and I love kissing each other! It's not like we sit down and have lots of "make out" sessions, but we do kiss each other a decent amount, and he is a great kisser! FH's bottom lips is also bigger than my lips, but I love's the first thing that I noticed about him when we first met, and I love kissing his "fluffy" lips! Lol.
  • I'm not a big kisser (especially if my husband doesn't shave) but my husband is a big kisser...we just try to compromise and make it as comfortable for each other as possible. 
  • you also just posted on the R board that you and your H are having some serious problems so maybe you just dont like him anymore???

  • I have to agree, I do not like kissing my DH when he hasn't shaved.  It hurts and makes my skin raw!  I think he is learning though, he shaved this morning and that's the shortest time he has ever gone with not shaving.  He normally goes for a whole week.  Ugh!

     I think as long as everything else is going fine then it's not a big deal.  There should be more emphasis on other things and not just totally worrying about kissing. 

  • If it's not a big deal to you then oh well.

    I on the other hand would never have gone past kissing to do other sexual things...never mind marrying him if he was a bad kisser. I LOVE kissing. While having sex we kiss through almost the whole thing. It does something extra for me. Yummie!

    Is there other problems in the realationship? Did you like how he kissed you in the beginning of the relationship?

    Baby In My Belly!!
  • my ex husband wasn't a good kisser either. Some are just not skilled, sometimes it can't even be taught. It's like sloppy joe city!
  • I love kissing my DH...sometimes he gets a little too sloppy for my taste, but I think thats ok if thats my only complaint Smile
  • Have you talked to him about it? I don't recommend telling him you think he's a bad kisser, but what about taking the lead and then saying, "Ohh I love it when you kiss me like that!" or something like that? Show him what you like; he probably has no idea his kisses aren't doing it for you.
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