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New on here, any other young, childless newlyweds?

We got married a few months ago, and while we like hanging out with our friends, we have no couple friends. We're not legally able to go out drinking yet (weird, huh?) and we're wayyy too young to be having kids (yet I still have baby fever bad, but we've got about 5 years before we'll be ready)...Anyone else in a similar situation? I'm totally happy buy it seems impossible to find other married couples our age, in our area. We had some non-married couple friends but they broke up and that was really awkward.

Re: New on here, any other young, childless newlyweds?

  • I still think of us as young, but since we've been able to drink for 9 years I guess we're not Crying

    We don't have many friends though, because we're childless and prefer to remain that way, and everyone we were friends with now has kids Sad  I don't really know what to tell you, other than it's a good thing I love my husband and enjoy hanging out with him because he's pretty much my only friend Stick out tongue

  • we met a lot of our friends on meetup.com, a few on the bowling league we joined, some through the friends we made, and some through work.  Don't be afraid to try something new to meet people!
  • We are of legal age to drink but not super old. We also don't have kids yet, just cats. Unfortunately, most people on here live in Portland but a couple live in Eugene.
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