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Teachers - Prudential disability

Hi everyone,

 Does anyone have the njea sponsered disability insurance?  I was considering purchasing it but I am still unsure.  Does it cover maternity leave? Can you get payments when your FILA runs out but you still want to stay out on family leave? 



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Re: Teachers - Prudential disability

  • I am glad you asked, I have the same question, thinking about getting it too!
  • I have it and I used it for maternity leave.  They pay 4 weeks before your due date and then 6 weeks after.  My last day of school was the last day of school.  My son was born exactly 4 weeks later, so I qualified for that part, and then I ended up having a c-section, so my disablity was extended to 8 weeks after his birth.  So i got disability, and then I got a few paychecks from school since I used 30 sick days for part of my leave and took the rest of the time unpaid which sucked.  I went back to school after christmas break, but I had stopped getting paid from school and disability by Ocotober 15th, so I went basically 3 months unpaid.  Your best bet is to talk to both the insurance people and your HR person.

    I apologized it this makes little or no sense, I haven't had coffee yet!


  • Good morning! I am on maternity leave now. I have NJEA Prudential. You will get 4 weeks before the baby is born and 6 weeks after. I then took some sick days. Now I am receiving checks for the family leave act. The paperwork is long, but it did not take long for me to be accepted. You will get up $561.00 a week for six weeks. I hope this helps.Michelle
  • Don't make the mistake I did!  I was confused on what "elimination period" meant, and it wasn't cleared up by my HR people OR by calling Prudential.  The time you choose is the time you will be disabled before receiving payment, so if you plan to use it for maternity, choose the shortest amount (or ask the ladies here how long they chose... I think the shortest is 7 days).
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  • Yes sign up for it!  It's so worth it.  But I believe it takes 3 months to kick in so sign up ASAP because if you get pregnant during those 3 months you can't use it towards your pregnancy.  

    Basically I ended up getting paid $4500 from Prudential -- which was given to me while I was using my sick days from work.  Then I'm using the Federal Leave - then the NJ leave (paid for 6 weeks)

    Like someone said there are different choices with elimination periods ---  I believe I did the middle one -- 14 days.   So they deducted $45 a month based on my age and salary.   If you do less, you obviously pay more.


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  • Oh and to answer your question you get this immediately.  I called the day I delivered to let them know and I got my first check 2 weeks later.  Then I got another check after a month.  So they paid me for 6 weeks.  
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  • Thanks for the info.  We arent planning to TTC until summer but I want to get this settle now.  I went to a Family Leave workshop yesterday and left more confused. 

    From what I understood from yesterday is that I am entitled to 20 sick days before and 20 after my due date.  Then the FMLA/FILA kicks in for 12 weeks (FMLA) with only 6 weeks of payments (FILA).  Is this correct?

    So if I have the prudential can that be in place of using sick days?  Or Can I use sick days for the time off before birth (I have no plans of taking the full 20 days prior off unless there are complications.  I will work as close as I can till my due date)  and then use the prudential for post birth?  Or do I still have to take the 20/20 first, then prudential would kick in?  I dont want to completely deplete my sick days if I can avoid it.  I would like to have more than child and have some days left for the 2nd one. 

     I am confused just reading my questions.  This is very overwhelming.  Thanks again for your help!

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  • My situation was different b/c I delivered in August so I used all my sick days afterwards.  (September and October).   I believe to reap the maximum benefits of Prudential, you have to take the 20 days before -- because that will cover your "elimination or waiting" period.  It is confusing and honestly I was confused up until I got my first check.  

    Prudential does pay in the summer and over sick days.  

    Also, the FMLA is 12 weeks -- non paid.  That will start after you use sick days ---  Not sure if you have to use the sick days first.  For me I wanted to b/c I had so many and I wanted to get the most days off.  

    Then the NJ Family Leave Act is 12 weeks -- the first 6 are paid.  

    If you want to go back sooner, you can skip the FMLA and go right to the NJ leave. 

    For me I did  40 sick days (as per my contract)

    12 Weeks FMlA (Not paid)

    6 weeks NJ (paid)  I can take another 6 NJ non paid, but I am going back.    


    Prudential was paid to me starting in August -- I got an August and September check.  


    HOpe that helps....  it is confusing!!  


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    Lilypie First Birthday tickers
  • I am feeling really dense here... I dont know why i dont understand all of this.  Thanks for the patience! :)

    Does the prudential replace the FILA payments (the $561) completely or can I recieve both?  If I recieve both do they run concurrently or back to back. 

    For example can I use the 4 weeks from prudential before the due date, then, followed by the 20 sick post birth and then use the 6 weeks from prudential, followed by the FILA payments? 

     That seems like a lot that would be a total of what? 20 weeks?

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  • Thanks for all the info... i was also wondering about this :)
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