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Knitting - fixing a dropped stitch after project completed?

I finally finished knitting my first hat last night.  It was my first time with double pointed needles and, of course, I made a bunch of mistakes.

After finishing up the hat and weaving in the end, I realized that I have two dropped stitches/ladders in the middle of the hat.  Anything I can do at this point to fix this?  I tried googling, but the solutions I was finding  require that there still be stitches left on the needles.

If I can remember how to crochet, I'm going to make some embellishments to add to the hat, so if there's a way to attach those over the dropped stitches to keep them from running more, I'm open to that idea.  

The hat doesn't have to be perfect, but I would like it to be usable.

Re: Knitting - fixing a dropped stitch after project completed?

  • I think you could fix it.  Take that crochet hook and knit the dropped stitches up their ladders until you get to the top gather or a seam.  Then take a spare piece of yarn and thread it through the dropped stitches, darning in the ends of the spare piece of yarn.  It's just like threading the end through the remaining stitches in the crown, you're just doing it in shifts.

     If you get really ambitious/perfectionist, you could frog back to the dropped stitch and finish it again.

    OR if you like the embellishment idea best, you can sew on the embellishment over the dropped stitch, making sure to thread that end through the dropped stitch so it doesn't run more.

     Sorry if any of that's confusing--it would be a lot easier to show you in person...

    Knitting Blog
    Updated 3-12
  • Thanks for this hint.  I always just start over.
  • Thanks for giving me hope!  I'm not perfectionist to undo it all, but I'll try to save it over the weekend!
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