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Nurse Practitioner vs. MD

So after months (ok, maybe years) of putting off finding a new OB/GYN down here and making an appt,  I finally decided to stop procrastinating today.

I felt like a waiter was taking my order. Except instead of  "soup or salad?"  and "mashed or baked potato?" I had to choose between day or evening? male or female? nurse practitioner or doctor?

The first 2 questions were easy but I wasn't sure about the 3rd one. I said it didn't matter so I could take the first available appointment and got an appt with a nurse practitioner in a few weeks.

I figure since it's just for a routine check up it doesn't really matter but was wondering if there were any major advantages or disadvantages having one versus a MD. When I'm ready for kids, would I need to switch to a doc?

 Any opinions, experiences, pros/cons would be appreciated.

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Re: Nurse Practitioner vs. MD

  • When I first started going to an OBGYN office I saw a NP. She was just what I needed at the time...b/c rec's, keeping healthy, annual exams, etc. I still saw her every once in a while for my OB appointments when I was pregnant, but I also saw the doctors in the practice. My office has four MDs and two NPs. I sort of feel like the NPs take their time and are more willing to talk about things rather than feel in a hurry like the docs.   
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  • I also always saw a NP for my routine annual exams.  My office has 4 MDs, 1 midwife, and 2 NPs.  When I was pregnant I saw everyone.  The NPs cannot deliver babies but they can still examine you during your visits. I think if you're seeing a NP for a routine exam it's totally fine. GL!
  • It was always easier and faster to get an appt with the NP @ my OB's office, and like the pp said, I felt like she took her time more. She reminded me a lot of the midwife I used with my first.

    At the end of my pregnancy I had to stop seeing her. I had to see all 4 OBs before I delivered (office policy).

  • I see a NP and I love her.  I feel like she takes more time to talk to me, understand my concerns and work with me.  I had to see one of the doctors for an emergency appointment over the summer and she was less then impressive and her bedside manner sucked.
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