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What time is your dog's last walk before bed?

And what time do you/the dog go to sleep?  Still trying to figure out a routine for our dog.  Thanks!

Re: What time is your dog's last walk before bed?

  • We do our evening walk sometime between 6 and 9 in the evening.

    We have a fenced yard, so the dogs (our dog, and our revolving crew of fosters) are last out at around 11, just before we go upstairs to bed.  They all know the drill (or pick up on it quickly), and they run out, pee, and run straight up to the bedroom.

    We've had a few dogs who can't quite make it through the night, always due to illness (UTI, intestinal upset, worms, etc).  One of our dogs required trips outside every 2 hours until we could get her to the vet to get antibiotics for her UTI, poor thing.

  • Evening walks are between 5-6pm unless it is hot and then the pup's go to the bathroom before dinner (8pm) and usually before bed around 10pm.
  • 7ish. She can go out again before bed (around 10 or 1030) but she often declines and just moves from the couch to her bed in our room.
  • Last walk is usually around 10 - 10:30pm or so.  I take him out to pee as soon as I get home around 6 - 6:30pm, then again after the boys are in bed around 8 - 8:30pm.

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  • Evening walk at 9:30 and usually lasts about 20-25 minutes. 

    Her morning walk is at about 7:10am. 

  • We walk around 4:30/5 then go out to pee another time around 8 then final pee is around 10
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  • 9-10 pm. DH gets home around 3 am and lets them out, then I get up at 6:45 and let everyone out.
  • The dogs go out to potty at 10 pm. Then they go to bed.
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  • About 8:30 or 9.  I try to be in bed by 10 and because I get up at 4:45am and I need to have time to get in a full walk.
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  • We usually take him out to pee and poop when we get home from work around 5:30-6, sometimes out for another quick pee after dinner around 8 if he looks like he needs to go, and then a long pee/poop walk at 10.  We head to bed right after we get in.


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  • H takes him for a walk when he gets home at 430.  I get home at 6 and make dinner.  He goes out at about 730 when we're all done eating.  He goes out one last time at about 1030/11 before we go to bed and he's out for a quick walk when we wake up around 630.  Very, very rarely, he'll come and bark at around 4am if he needs a middle of the night pee.

    That's a typical workday schedule.  Weekends are a bit more of a crapshoot. 


  • Depends...  I work overnights so I walk Ham differently than Hersch but generally their last walk/pee is between 9p and 11p (Ham gets his walk at 9p-10p and then goes in the cage at work but at home their last walk is 10-11pm).  Hersch only goes out 3x a day (7-8am, 2-4pm, and 10p or so).  Ham gets more (7:30am, 2pm, 6pm after dinner, 9pm, and if he's screaming at work a walk overnight).
  • Last walk around 7, but then out for a pee before bed at around 9:30-10. We usually have to to drag her off the couch for the last one --- sleepy monkey.
  • Willow gets let out when we get home (between 5:30 and 6) and she usually takes care of 1 & 2 at that time.  She then gets let out a couple more times before we head to bed at about 10 of so.

    We then have a whole getting ready for bed routine.  We take off her collar and she She gets her coat  and teeth brushed and we check her nails for any that need to be clipped.  

    Then we turn out the lights and she lays down on her bed at the foot of ours. 

    DH gets up at about 5:30 am to let her out in the am.  

  • We always go out to potty last thing before bed, but usually a last longer walk earlier in the evening.  I've been doing two longer walks in the evenings now but I always take him out to potty just before bed.
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  • She doesn't get a walk in everyday (we are guilty), but she does most days around 6-8 pm. Her last potty break is around 9:30 and she puts herself to bed around 10:00 or 10:30. We all tend to go to bed around the same time. Sometimes if it's late and we haven't seen her, we'll say "where's Josie?" and we'll find her curled up in her bed or on our bed.
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  • Our dogs go out to potty minutes before we go to bed, or else we're in trouble.
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  • Our dog has a bladder the size of a pea.  We walk him immediately before we go to bed, usually 11 or 11:30 and walk him as soon as we get up, usually 7:30
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  • Thanks everyone!  I have been walking her at 10, going to bed around 10:45.  I was hoping to move it up a bit, but it sounds like it needs to stay that way. 

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