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she says.. my uterus lining is fluffy?!

so today i had an appointment with a dr to get the whole fertility process moving.. been ttc for about 6 or so years now with no luck..

 Had the appt made almost 2 months ago - I kind of snickered at the idea of going to the RE and finding out i was pregnant specially since AF is grossly late.. i'd assume this is because I ovulated late.. I cant confirm this for sure but i'd say the nagging pain on my right side along with ewcm and then sticky cm was a pretty good indicator.. Dr wouldnt even listen to this and told me that @ 39 days there was pretty much zero chance i would get a BFP with blood work but he did a pelvic after the poas test.. (says.. our tests are VERY accurate and it said no.. so that is what it must be) Anyway.. did the pelvic.. my uterus was enlarged.. so all potential talk of.. "what do we do now" STOPPED and he got me in for an ultra sound to see what was up..

 Now im not saying he's wrong.. really I'm not BUT.. my boobs have been omfg sore with 'headlights' on bright for more than a few days.. i've gone from a soft beige to dark dark.. i took these all as good signs.. with the exception of the BFNS (sigh) but i have a pretty good idea of when i O'd and after much browsing of the internet (and a couple tests) it says.. if you arnt sure.. go 19 days out from the last time you did the BD.. that would be Thursday.. again.. DR would not listen to this.. doesnt he at least owe me the courtesy of hearing me out and at least addressing WHY i might be having symptoms with no baby? If i put conception date @ 9-19 i'd only be 4 wks 1 day.. even the ultra sound tech said she wouldnt be able to see anything.. i remained hopeful. Too bad the ultrasound shows a super thick lining which she termed as "fluffy".. which they are completely unsure of WHY.. they cant say its because im going to be starting soon or if its a part of a different problem..


how thick is too thick? shouldnt he have at least maybe run some blood work or something? Between the pelvic and the TV ultrasound im frustrated that i couldnt even get a 5 min conversation explaing WHY or potential cause.. "We dont know" isnt a good enough reason for me

 someone plz tell me you've experienced something similar? I'm ok with the idea of not being pregnant.. i am NOT ok with the idea of being left in the dark. :(

Re: she says.. my uterus lining is fluffy?!

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