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For those in Hawaii - pros and cons

We're at the point where we are choosing where to go next... it's between San Diego and Hawaii. San Diego is largely ahead, primarily because it seems like there would be more job opportunities there.... however, I did live there for 2.5 years and with the field I work in, it took me about 2 years to find a job I loved in my field, then we had to move 6 months later! 

What is the job market in Hawaii like? How do you like living in Hawaii? Pros/cons? Do you wish you had chosen to live somewhere else?

 Basically I wish I had a crystal ball - if I can't get a job in San Diego, then I'd rather be unemployed laying on the beach in Hawaii versus unemployed in San Diego!

Thanks for any input! 

Re: For those in Hawaii - pros and cons

  • nice, but different! :) but very nice ;) I love San Diego. but I love tropical beaches too.. hah.
  • I've never lived there, but when H and I were making our wish list, we decided to omit Hawaii from our choices. Why?  The quarantine laws for animals coming from the continental US are a pain in the butt (we have 3 cats) and almost everything has a higher price tag because it has to be imported.

  • My brother's girlfriend was in HI for about 3 or 4 years when her Marine XH was stationed there. She's a Registered Nurse and was able to find work and do extremely well financially on the island. I'm not sure what your field is, just wanted you to know that apparently the medical field is alive and well there.

    I asked her what she didn't like. Her cons were her ex-husband (lol), and the fact that she didn't get to go home too often because it was really pricey. She said living on the island was very expensive, but the housing allowance was adequate (no kids for them) and that shipping to HI took longer. On that part, however, you're already used to trying to get things shipped APO to China, right? You're used to waiting!!

    She loved the beaches and loved her surroundings, though, and she had a tan pretty much year round. If it's only for a couple of years, I would probably go for it. You've already seen China and probably other parts of the world, this would be just another adventure. At the same time, after living in England for quite a while I'm ready to live in the continental USA again and the conveniences that go along with that.

  • The main thing is the cost of everything - cost of living is expensive period. Depending on what island you get stationed on, it's gotten more touristy than before - the beaches are great and all, but on O'ahu, the tourists make it hard to go to the beach and enjoy it. Also, when I lived there for six years growing up, we NEVER came to the mainland because it was just too expensive.

    My mom was born and raised there, so the pros for me are different than for most [we have a good 85 percent of our family still there] - but my mom keeps telling me that even though she misses home, she probably won't move back because it's just too expensive, even when we were there as military. Depending on what field of work you're in though, you might be able to find something. :)

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  • Unfortunately I'm not in the medical field! ha. I do more law enforcement/social work/advocacy type work. I think sticking to San Diego would be better for now.  Plus, I'll have been all over Asia, Australia, New Zealand and the South Pacific by the time I leave China - and ready for trips to Europe again! The distance between Hawaii and Europe would pretty much guarantee no European vacations for another 3 years!

    Thanks for all the input! 

  • You might try paging Krista either here or on F&B. I think she lives in Hawaii and might have some input.
  • I've been on Oahu since August and I can say it's a hard place to live... Sure, it's tropical and lovely BUT it's way different from home. [for me at least] I'm struggling to find a job and things are really expensive. On base housing is nicer than in town housing with the allowance we're provided. I'm worried about having enough money to fly home for Christmas, or at all because it's SO EXPENSIVE. Your things take forever to get here... etc. It may be different for others... but that's what I've experienced.
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  • I'm also in Hawaii and I absolutely love it. 

    Sure its more expensive, however San Diego isn't cheap. We have great friends that live there and they get less BAH and pay the same amount for rent.

    My opinion is this: if you can move here with a completely open mind & really explore/enjoy everything this island has to offer -do it. My husband and I are newlyweds, don't have kids, and are able to take off every weekend (when he can) and explore. Sure, we get homesick. But he's in the Navy, I'm always going to be a little homesick.

     I was able to find a job (I have a business degree I work in HR) so depending on your field you may have difficulty finding a job. 

    PM me if you have any other questions!  

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  • After living in China, I think I can live almost anywhere! I don't think I'd have ANY sort of problem living in Hawaii! LOL.
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